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This weeks SPECIALS

This weeks SPECIALS

 Extruded Polystyrene Sheets (XPS) Blue board

 High quality thermal insulation with unique properties

Foam Sales' XPS Blue Board is a rigid extruded polystyrene board used for thermal insulation. It is manufactured using a fully automated extrusion process to international specifications and standards. XPS Blue Board extruded polystyrene has a closed cell structure, giving it a range of properties superior to common expanded polystyrene (EPS).

These properties are:feininger_blue_xps_board_1.jpg

  • High resistance to heat flow (i.e low thermal conductivity);
  • High resistance to water vapour diffusion and water absorbability;
  • Uniform density distribution for dimensional stability;
  • High compressive strength;
  • Fire resistance ( a fire retardant is added)
  • Ageing resistance ( ISOBOARD'S properties are retained over time);
  • Resistance to bacteria and micro-organism growth;
  • Ecologically friendly ( no CFC's are used in manufacture.)

With ever increasing realisation of the importance of energy conservation, these properties make XPS a cost-effective building resource where a thermally controlled enviroment is a design requirement.

Foam Sales is your Western Australian supplier of XPS Blue Board.

XPS Blue Board by Foam Sales has a thermal conductivity of 0.028W/m.K. (R1 for every 28mm of board thickness.) Thermal and other test results are available at the links here below.

We recommend viewing our XPS Blue Board User Manual if you are using this product. click here

Test Report for boards with skin click here

Test Report for boards without skins click here

We hold large quantities of four separate thicknesses in stock in Perth and with our agent in the Eastern States. We can organise any size consignment up to full containers to be delivered anywhere in WA, and Australia wide. We supply business and commercial customers at wholesale and container quantity prices. Contact us to find out more.

All stock boards are available in size 2500 x 600mm with straight edges and in grade ND (32 - 35kg density). Higher density boards and varying sizes are available by special order. Shiplap and tongue and groove edges are also available by special order, in full container loads only. All boards have a fire retardant in them. We keep in stock rough surface boards without skins. Boards with a skin surface are available by special order.

The thicknesses and price of boards in Perth stock are shown in the chart below. These are retail prices inclusive of GST.

Quantity 30mm thick 50mm thick 75mm thick 100mm thick


$600 per


$27.00 per board 45.00 per board $60.00 per board $90.00 per board
$18.00 per M2 $30.00 per M2 $45.00 per M2 $60.00 per M2
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