World's Biggest Archery Target!

September 04, 2015

Archery Target - Custom

Australians love big things. The Big Banana, The Big Orange, The Big Pineapple ... well we've got one to add to the list. The World's Biggest Archery Target!*

Japanese archery specialists Budokan Academycame to us when they needed a new target. They explained that, unlike regular archery, their Japanese style of archery (called Kyudo) requires much bigger targets - almost 2 metres high in fact! Made of EVA and polystyrene, the target we made for the Budokan team will be used by students to hone their Kyodo skills at the studio in Canningvale. 

Learn more about the ancient art of Kyudo here

View our standard archery targets hereor enquire here for targets made to order. 

Foam Archery Target

*May or may not be the world's biggest target, but suffice to say this one is pretty darn BIG

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