Temperature Rising

December 11, 2015

Temperature Rising

The classic Aussie Christmas: hot days, hot nights, barbecues, cold beer, family gatherings, beach trips. With Christmas only a couple of weeks away, temperatures are on the up, and that usually means power bills are on the up as well -  aircons and fans suck an awful lot of power at this time of year, as householders all know too well. 

Take the garage, for example. Hot sun beating down on metal doors creates oven temperatures, made worse by concrete floors and lack of airflow.  But a simple DIY can go a long way to reverse this oven effect. 

Garage door

Additional to roof insulation, polystyrene insulation backed onto your garage door can make a huge difference in reducing the temperature of your garage. A project that will take you a couple of hours at the most - simply give us the dimensions of each section of your garage door and we'll cut polystyrene panels to fit right into each panel.   Quick, easy, and very effective in taking the edge off the summer heat. 

Inside garage door

Polystyrene panels are also efficient insulation in sheds and standalone structures that may be built from tin, wood, or other materials susceptible to overheating in the sun. Imagine a polystyrene eski keeping your drinks cool. Applying polystyrene panelling in a shed or patio has much the same effect. It's an eski for humans!

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