5 Tips for Camping Success This Winter

August 03, 2016

Camping in W.A.

Winter is the ideal time to travel in the W.A outback. North towards Lancelin, inland towards the hills or South towards Pemberton and Margaret River - we're spoiled for choice when it comes to cheap outdoor getaways. 

But camping can end in tears if you don't get the basics right! Our five tips for a successful trip should get you on the right track.

Camping in Lancelin

1. PLAN YOUR STOP-OVERS. Winging it is fine if you're within driving distance from home, but once you're out of range you need a plan. Before leaving, research camping spots on your route. Consider weather conditions, facilities (toilets? showers?) and time of year (some parks are closed seasonally). See this list of 10 W.A camping spots to get you started.

2. TAKE SPARES. And by spares we mean batteries, gas, water, fuel, first aid, and anything else that is essential to your trip. Over-prepared is better than under-prepared. If your torch battery goes out in the middle of the night in the bush you'll be wanting back up! 

3. SLEEP TIGHT. It can get pretty cold at night, both in winter and summer. Rug up with a swag, and slide one of our camping mattresses inside for the cosiest, comfiest night under the stars. For an extra layer between you and the cold ground, lay one of our roll up exercise mats or some EVA tiles underneath your swag or sleeping bag. Woollen socks are also ideal to keep your feet warm!

4.  ARRIVE TO CAMP EARLY. It's so much easier to set up camp in natural light. Check sunset time every morning and make sure you start setting up your camp site a good few hours before sunset. If you have a long drive to do, better to leave at sunrise than arrive at sunset.

5. TAG TEAM. Drive with a friend and switch regularly. Tired drivers are dangerous drivers. For snoozing in the passenger seat, take our travel neck pillow on the journey. Our Driver's Friend lumbar cushion will also make the long drives easier on your back and joints.  

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