Flying High at iFly!

January 24, 2017

Flying High at iFly!

What do indoor skydiving and surfing have in common? Practice on land makes perfect in the air and water! This is why, when iFly opened a new skydiving centre in Perth late last year, they came to Foam Sales to get some practice boards (called "creepers") lined with a comfort layer of our EVA.

Aside from the obvious thrill of hurtling up and down an indoor wind funnel, iFly provides training for sky divers to improve their craft outside of the tunnel. iFly employee Taylor Bell is a convert to indoor practice. Discovering sky diving at the age of 16, Taylor worked in a sky diving centre, doing dives as often as he could between work. When iFly opened in December, Taylor (now 17 y.o.) jumped at the chance to join the team, making full use of his staff flying time at every opportunity!

Taylor credits increased tunnel time and lots of creeper practice for a sharp improvement in his flying technique in the past month. Made from plywood lined with a firm layer of EVA (supplied and fitted by Foam Sales), with wheels attached on the underside, the creepers are perfect for practicing belly positions, formations and team flying. Flyers will block their movements on creepers, then try the routine in tunnel. This means flyers can make the most of tunnel time, as they know exactly where they're going the second they step in.

As Taylor puts it, in an entire day of skydiving, you might get 5-6 dives in total, amounting to around 5-6 minutes free fall. At iFly, Taylor can practice for a whole hour in one day, the equivalent of 10 days of sky diving! Coupled with creeper time outside of the tunnel, indoor flying gives serious sky divers a lot of bang for their buck. 

 The Foam Sales team gave the tunnel a spin ourselves for our Christmas party, which was perfect because a number of us are far too scared of heights to jump out of a plane! View our Christmas party photo album here. 


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