Precision Cutting Just Got Easier

January 21, 2016

Precision Cutting Just Got Easier

Aeroplane and train models, architectural models, sculptures, and school craft projects. In 30 years of supplying depronand polystyrene at Foam Sales, we've seen our clever customers make all sorts of things.

Model aeroplane via

You asked.

One thing our customers all agreed on is that sculpting the fine details always proved difficult. Table cutters are good for precision cutting on a larger scale, and fine-blade handsaws do a good job of cutting smaller pieces with a rough finish, there just wasn't a tool that could do both: precision and small scale cutting.

We delivered. 

Foam Sales is excited to announce the addition of the Polystyrene Pen Cutter to our range of cutters! Problem solved. Designed for intricate carving, the wand heats up in 30 seconds or less, burning through the polystyrene with no extra pressure required. This means you have more control over the finished product, and your edges will be sealed (smooth) by the heat. 

Small, and light, this cutter is transportable and easy to hold. Simply plug into the wall and get started!

Visit us in store for a free demo, or view the Polystyrene Cutting Pen online to see the full list of specifications. 

Foam Sales Polystyrene Pen Cutter

Foam Sales Polystyrene Pen Cutter

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