Saviro XPS Blue Board: "Just Right" for Architectural Models

May 26, 2016

XPS Architectural Models

If Foam Sales Saviro XPS Blue Board is most commonly known as a highly efficient insulation material, then modelling is its lesser-known side project.
Used by architects to produce detailed, to-scale urban models, XPS is the Goldilocks of available materials. Firm enough to cut cleanly, but not too hard for a small blade. Light enough to easily transport and handle, but not crumbly and fly-away. You get the idea.
 XPS Models ©AUDRC Australian Urban Design Research Centre 2016
Recently, students in the Urban Design Workshop Studio at the Australian Urban Design Research Centre (AUDRC) produced these fantastically detailed city models from around the world using Foam Sales XPS Blue Board. Cities pictured include Barcelona, Budapest, Singapore, New York and Portland.
XPS Model ©AUDRC Australian Urban Design Research Centre 2016
The beauty of working with XPS is that no high-cost equipment is needed. A simple pen, wire, or hot blade cutter is all you need to get a clean, precise result. 
XPS Models ©AUDRC Australian Urban Design Research Centre 2016
All images ©AUDRC Australian Urban Design Research Centre 2016 
Enquire today about Saviro XPS Blue Board for your own model making project.

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