Hot Wire Hobby Kit

New more powerful Model now in Stock for hotter, faster cutting.

The Hot Wire Kit is the perfect entry-level polystyrene cutting kit for hobby and craft room use. Suitable for hobbyists, model makers and art and craft applications, the hot wire and pen are easy to use and allow for precise, clean cuts.

The kit includes a hot wire bow, hot pen, and an engraving tip, a spare roll of wire for the bow, and an adapter for use with mains power supply. Cutting length for the bow is up to 140mm, and for the pen up to 100mm. The power adaptor for this new model is 5V, 3A.

Leave the unit to heat for 20 seconds before use and then allow the heat to do the cutting. Do not push or drag the wire or wand faster than the heat is cutting the polystyrene. Give the power supply a rest every 15-20 minutes and be sure to turn the power off when the unit is not in use.

The Hobby Hot Wire Kit is one of our most popular products. We use parcel post to ship anywhere in Australia for $15 freight. 

This hobby kit is designed for cutting low density polystyrene. It will cut high density polystyrene and XPS, though more slowly. It will cut low density EPE (slowly) but won't cut most foamed plastics. For more powerful cutters browse our full range of polystyrene hot wire cutters and accessories.

Please note that current stock of this model is in a blister flat pack as featured, not in a plastic case per previous models. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Easy to use at a good price.

Great easy to use foam cutter , small and nimble with a few different attachments and they heat up quick.
Its a bit slow cutting thick Xps but it still does a good cut you just have to be a bit more patient :)


Fast delivery, excellent product. Cuts XPS like butter.

Not hot enough

Cutter is not hot enough and therefore struggles to cut most foam with the exception of very thin pieces.

Hello Anon, we are sorry to hear that you have found the cutter not sufficiently hot for your work. We wonder why this might be? The pen cutter works best if allowed 20 seconds to fully heat. Possibly this could be the issue? If after retesting you find there is still a problem would you like us to swap it for another unit, or refund you? As you will see from the many Reviews below, your experience has not been the experience of others, so we reckon trying it out again, or swapping for another is likely to work for you. Simon at Foam Sales
Little gem

Heated up quick, easy change over of ends, great little tool, recommended

Great hobby tool

Fantastic, I don’t know how I would shape and mould without it