Polystyrene Blade Cutter - Cordless DC

Foam Sales' Cordless Hand Held Polystyrene Blade Cutter is the most powerful in our range of small hand-held hobby cutters. The DC power supply can deliver 20W to produce a blade temperature of up to 350C. 

Our model-making customers will be pleased to know that this cutter is suitable for carving heavy density polystyrene, including XPS, as well as light weight foamed plastics too. 

The Blade Cutter is a handy and economical tool for model makers, and for hobby and craft room applications. The unit is more robust than wand-style models having a reinforced 60mm blade that is strong and easy to use ensuring precise, clean cuts.

In twenty seconds the cutter heats to 110C and is immediately ready for use. The blade will heat to higher temperatures so long as the switch button continues to be depressed. See video below.

A summary of the features of our popular DC Polystyrene Blade Cutter is here:
  • The fully charged battery can support 40 minutes of continuous use
  • Charging time is 3.5 hours
  • Battery indicator light turns from red to green when fully charged
  • The cutter features an LED light to illuminate the cutting area
  • The blade is 60mm long, is reinforced and has a 5mm wide cutting path
  • Heats to usable temperature in 10 seconds and to maximum of 350C in 40 seconds
  • Switch slides forward to ON position then button must be depressed to activate blade heat
  • USB charging cord supplied with the cutter
  • Protection circuit is built in to protect against overcharging and discharging
  • One year warranty

Tips for use include giving the cutter a rest after prolonged periods of cutting, and not maintaining maximum temperature for long periods. Never tape down the switch into a permanent ON position.

Let the heat do the cutting - there is no benefit in forcing the blade through the polystyrene. Misuse like this resulting in a broken blade is not covered by warranty. See the video here for examples of how the cutter can be used.

We use parcel post to ship anywhere in Australia for $10 freight. 

A full 12 month warranty applies to the Blade Cutter, as it does to all Foam Sales' polystyrene cutting tables and foam cutting kits.

For a choice of hobby, through to commercial cutters browse our full range of polystyrene hot wire cutters and accessories.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Alec C. (Sydney, AU)
A superb device.

It's great! You have to be patient and just use the weight of the blade (don't press), but when it's heated to its maximum, it's like the proverbial hot knife through butter...And..the after sales service is wonderful.Highly recommended.

Hi Alec, thanks for your feedback. Yes, it does take up to a minute to reach the full heat setting, after which it does cut very briskly through the polystyrene. Best wishes. SB

Mereana (Alexandra Hills, AU)
Polystyrene Blade Cutter

The Polystyrene Blade Cutter works very well & I'm really pleased with the cuts I've done so far. Foamsales were easy to deal with & I will use them again.

Hi Mereana, we appreciate your Review. Thank you and happy cutting. SB

John O. (Sydney, AU)
Polystyrene Blade Cutter

The blade cutter performed well, with no issues.

Thanks for your feedback John. We expect that you will get many more years of reliable use. SB

ANNETTE H. (Grovedale, AU)
Wonderful product, better than I had hoped.

This Blade Cutter was better than I expected and so very easy to use. I liked the fact that it was cordless; much easier than having a cord getting in your way. I actually used it to cut up chocolate in small pieces. It cut cleanly through with no cracked pieces as opposed to trying to do it with a knife. I also used it to cut the plastic runners off the shelf in the freezer of my fridge which were used for a tray of ice cubes. This job was a bit time consuming but I did the job by going slowly and not forcing the blade. Another "star" for this company was the exceptional time frame of receiving this item - 2 days from ordering.

Thank you for your helpful Review Annette. We hope that you will continue to find good uses for this little cutter. SB

Daniel M. (Melbourne, AU)
Great product, exactly as I expected.

I had some large sheets of styrene foam that packaged heaps of our new kitchen appliances (namely the fridge). Instead of chucking or finding large areas around the house to store it, I was able to cut them into more manageable pieces and store them neatly in the shed. Cuts like a knife through butter. A great addition to a DIY'ers shed.

Hi Daniel, thanks so much for your feedback! We’re really glad you like our Polystyrene Cordless Cutter, we’ve found it’s a definite customer favourite! JM