Pole & Post Padding & Protection - Composite Kit

The Foam Sales Pole and Post Padding Composite Kit is a versatile, adjustable, ready-made component-part kit that adjusts to fit poles up to 240mm diameter, and posts up to 185mm square (740mm circumference).

Each kit consists of three pieces, one of 5 sections, one of 2 sections, and one of a single section, making up to a maximum of 8 sections per kit, that together can enclose any shaped structure up to a circumference of 740mm. (Poles, for example, from 60mm diameter through to 240mm diameter). Each section is added to the others with strong velcro fixings top to bottom as shown. 

Two kit heights are available, 1200mm and 800mm. Each size is available as a separate kit, and can be used together with other kits to provide composite pole protection to heights of 1600mm, 2000mm, 2400mm and 2800mm. Just place one kit above the other on the pole. Matching velcro tabs are fitted to allow the 800mm kit to be fixed to the top of the 1200mm kit, as shown. 

Both the 1200mm and 800mm kits are available in blue colour as seen here. The PVC covers are UV rated and fire retardant material, suitable for either indoor or outdoor use. These kits can be left outside permanently, or can be fitted as required using the easy-to use velcro fasteners. The foam inserts in each section are 60mm thick closed cell waterproof foam with high rebound which provides safety and protection for both low and high impacts.

These post padding and protection kits are suitable for sports grounds, gyms, fitness areas, childcare centres, schools, car parks, and any other space where poles, posts or other structures obstruct or risk damage or safe movement through the area.

Where a one-size-fits all product will not do the job, or when corporate colours and printing are required, our experienced team will custom-make a covered foam post padding.

Warranty: 2 years for regular and heavy use. 

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Hi Greene,
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