Aerofoam Modelling Board (replacing Depron Sheet)

Foam Sales' Aerofoam Board is ideal for model making and craft uses. Aerofoam Board is a closed cell extruded polystyrene sheet, similar in makeup to Saviro XPS Blue Board, but more flexible. The strong, yet bendable nature of Aerofoam Board makes it particularly popular for constructing model aeroplanes and architectural models.

Aerofoam Board is Foam Sales' replacement for Depron Sheets. The  characteristics of the two products are very similar, Aerofoam Board having more elasticity and ability to bend, so being slightly less rigid than Depron. Like Depron, Aerofoam Board is a pure polystyrene board, not a Foam Core Board. It does not have paper coating on each side of a polystyrene core.

Aerofoam Board is sold in full sheet sizes of 1000x700mm, in thicknesses of 3mm and 6mm. (Board Density is 30kg/m3) It is available in packs of five boards (cut in half for safer transport), or in carton quantities. All boards are white in colour.

Board Dimensions - Cartons: 

  • 1000 x 700 x 3mm - white (40 boards)
  • 1000 x 700 x 6mm - white (20 boards)

Board Dimensions - Pack of five boards: 

  • 500 x 700 x 3mm - white (10 pieces)
  • 500 x 700 x 6mm - white (10 pieces)

    Aerofoam Board can be cut with a sharp blade, using our cordless DC Blade Cutter, or the wire and pen cutters in our popular hobby cutting kit

    Shipping: There is a fixed shipping cost of $20 for any single Pack, or Carton of Aerofoam Boards. Please note that when shipping packs of boards they will be supplied cut in half (10 of 500x700mm) for safer shipping. Please contact us if this is not acceptable so that special arrangements can be made where possible for shipping your order. 

    Full sheets 1000x700mm cannot be shipped, except in carton quantities, due to potential for damage in transit. 

    Transit time for packs is 3 days to most Australian addresses. Cartons take up to 10 days by road transport. 

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Paul C. (Sydney, AU)
    Fast and efficient

    Perfect thanks

    Thanks for your Review Paul. SB

    Vic V. (Sydney, AU)
    Now that I've been trying to work with it for a while.....

    As previous review, however, I want to revise my experience in trying to bend the foam. Smaller pieces are manageable, but longer sections like airfoil shapes along the length of the wing are impossible. I have broken or melted several pieces. That is with scoring or without scoring. TO get it to the right heat ot bend makes the exterior surface brittle and weak, The only effective way to curve the profile is to cover the entire wing with packing tape, and scraping the length of the wing over a table edge. Slow and laborious. I won't be using this foam for curving or shaoing again. I wouldn't have minded the $120 for 10 sheets posted if it had performed as was intimitaed by Foamsales' website. This review was compiled in the most considered and reflective fashion..

    Hello Vic, we do appreciate your feedback, even if it took a long time to get the correct heat settings. And we are pleased to hear that otherwise the overall result was positive. Thank you for your Review Vic. SB

    Graham S. (Townsville, AU)

    All sheets arrived in very good condition, I am very satisfied with the purchase.

    Hey Graham,
    Glad to hear this is what you required.

    Cindy B. (Sydney, AU)
    Damaged in Transit

    Delivery was vey quick
    4 of the 10 6mm sheets suffered about 7-10cm damage to about a third of the top surface even though the order was well packed.
    Fortunately the 10 3mm sheets were not damaged.
    Your minimum order quantities are more than twice what I need so I am left with more than enough to meet my needs

    MGB (Hobart, AU)

    Nice fast delivery. Well packaged but still sustained a few dents through packaging.

    Hey MGB,
    Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately we can't help what happens in transport. If the damage was really bad can you please send photos to so we can bring it up with the transport company.
    Thanks GL