Polystyrene Cutting Table - Large

Foam Sales' Large Cutting Table is designed for vertical and angled cutting of polystyrene. Wire angle is adjusted by varying the location of the feeder knob along the groove in the horizontal arm above the table surface. 

The table is marked with dimensions and an adjustable fence provided as a guide for accurate cutting. A positioning plate (included) can be fitted to the fence for the cutting of cylinders up to 700mm diameter.

The Large Cutting Table is suitable for commercial use. 

  • Power output 36V, 160W
  • Cutting wire 0.5mm diameter
  • Wire heats to 500°C in 5 seconds 
  • Adjustable temperature control knob
  • Table surface dimensions: 1180x780mm
  • Vertical and angled cutting capability
  • Cuts diameters up to 700mm with positioning plate provided
  • 10 metres spare wire supplied
  • Foldable table frame for easy transportation
  • Cutting height and reach each 600mm
  • Removable wire holding arm
  • Marine ply table top is stable in moist environments
  • Foot switch for safety, and conservation of power
  • Power transformer located on corner of table top

Dimensions: Packaged carton 1200 x 800 x 200 mm

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