NBR High Density Acoustic Insulation Sheet

This NBR (Nitrile Sponge Rubber) sheet is an extra high density product suitable for sound reduction in industrial applications, and in commercial and domestic situations requiring a product with high performance sound absorbing characteristics. Foam Sales' Industrial Acoustic Insulation Sheet has a density of 250kg/m3. 

This NBR sheet is a heavy, flexible, pliable, synthetic rubber sponge material used primarily for sound absorption. The sheet is black in colour with small open pores visible on each outer surface that allow for entry of sound waves which are then absorbed internally by the heavy density NBR material. So unlike many other NBR sheet products, this one, being porous in composition, is not waterproof.

The expanded and slightly open-cell structure of Foam Sales NBR, combined with its flexibility, makes it ideal for the barrier insulation of engine and compressor boxes and bays, cabinets, pipes, duct-work, vessels and curved and irregular surfaces.

In addition to this barrier absorption performance the viscoelastic properties of this nitrile sponge rubber also make it a premium product for vibration dampening and decoupling (isolation). This sheet is effective in dampening resonance effects in metal panel work which helps to reduce associated “re-radiation” effects. When used as isolation pads it reduces structure-borne noise transmission.

Offering superior performance at lesser thickness than many alternative products this rubber sponge sound insulator has a Sound Absorption Coefficient (SAC) of 0.75. Refer to Data Sheet for acoustic performance across frequency ranges.

This Nitrile Insulation Sheet is operationally stable for temperatures ranging from -40 to +100C. In case of fire the product is self-extinguishing when removed from the flame source.

Foam Sales' Industrial NBR Acoustic Insulation Sheet is suited to use in engine bays and boxes, being resistant to grease, mineral and vegetable oils, petrol and diesel fuel, to alcohol, and to weak acids; more-so than natural rubbers. It is attacked by ozones, ketones, esters and aldehydes.

This NBR Acoustic Insulation Sheet is sold in one size, 2000x500x25mm.

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Tobias C. (Adelaide, AU)
Pretty Happy

I bought 6 units of NBR acoustic foam, i found it in good condition. I live in a rural area and it was delivered ridiculously quick. I wasn't home so had to pick up at the transport depot. FOAM rang to tell me that day that it was waiting there. The product is NBR High Density Acoustic Foam. I have installed it in against a bulkhead next to the engine room. It cuts down the overall noise as well as softens or dampens the noise in the neighbouring accommodation. overall the foam acoustic properties were slightly better then expected, Its reasonably easy to work with it leaves a bit of mess when cutting etc. I'd recommend using Quick delivery time, Good communication, Happy with the product and the price. thanks

Hey Tobias,
We are so stoked to hear the positive outcome of your installation. Glad the boxes all arrived together and the product exceeded your expectation.
Let us know if you need anything else.