Premium Bed Wedge - Height Adjustable

A covered bed wedge designed to elevate the body and provide post-operative or longer-term support in bed. This wedge will be helpful to those suffering from reflux or breathing difficulties who require support with a moderate to steep incline.

The wedge is made from premium quality foam and has a removable (washable) quilted cover for added comfort. Each side of the wedge is slightly raised to help prevent the patient from rolling off the raised surface.

A useful feature of this wedge sometimes requested with bed wedges generally is height adjustment. The 'wedge' consists of two foam wedges, each separately covered with their own liner, and each contained in their own zipped pouch. As shown in the image here, the smaller bottom wedge can be fully or partially removed as required to lower the height and angle of incline for added comfort.

Dimensions: 750(L) x 750(W) x 260mm(H)

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Shifting foam
Hey June, We are sorry to hear this isn't working as you needed. If possible can you please give us a call to discuss 0893301199? Thanks GL
Thanks for the 5 star review Micheal. It means a lot to us.JM

Hi Sandra

This item has been dispatched. I will follow up with our courier company today and get back to you.
Beautifully-comfortable Premium Bed Wedge
Hi Anne, Thanks for your review. We are really pleased to hear that this product has been helpful to you both. May this continue well into the future. Should you have any other feedback in the months or years ahead, good or not so much, please feel free to let us know. We appreciate you taking the time to reply Anne. Simon