Exercise / Yoga Mat - TPE

The TPE Exercise Mat is a premium mat with excellent resilience and rebound. The high density and superior strength of TPE enables optimum comfort and support with frequent use, while maintaining a low profile mat. With textured surface on both sides to prevent slippage, this mat is perfect for yoga, pilates and general gym use.  One colour only (blue x orange as pictured). 

Dimensions: 1725 x 600 x 6mm

DID YOU KNOW ... TPE is short for Thermoplastic Elastomer. TPE mats are made from plastic and synthetic rubber copolymers, and have similar strength, elastomeric and resilient properties to foamed rubber products. TPE products are said to be environmentally friendly, as they don't require reinforcing, stabilising or curing agents in manufacture, and they consume less energy in their manufacture than comparable products. Yoga schools in particular like TPE Exercise Mats for these environmental credentials.

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Fantastic mat at a great price
Thanks for the Feedback Suzanne, Glad this is working so well for you. GL
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