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Soudal T-Rex Power Bond: Fast Grab is a super-strength dual purpose, adhesive and sealant.  It is suitable for bonding nearly everything to everything*, including even polystyrene, to metal, brick or timber. T-Rex is a fast grab adhesive that will hold materials in position without slumping or moving while work is taking place. It also has very high strength when cured, both in vertical and shear directions. 

Soudal T-Rex is a highly elastic polymer that retains its elasticity over time unlike some Fast Grab products that dry out and go brittle and hard. So it's suitable for use on products that expand and contract throughout the day / night, and through seasonal temperature variations. So for example, it's perfect for installing insulating polystyrene panels onto your tin patio or shed.

This elastic property is what makes T-Rex suitable also as an expansion joint material and sealant for a wide variety of applications. Even in wet areas T-Rex will stick to damp surfaces and, as it cures by moisture and humidity, will even cure under water! And its resistant to mould and mildew too. No wonder tilers and plumbers seek it out.

T-Rex can be sanded and painted, contains no solvents, isocyanates or silicones, and has very little odour. Comes in a 290ml caulking tube. MSDS is available.

15% discount applies to cartons of 12 units.


*Does not adhere well to polyethylene, polypropylene, or EVA.

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Soudal T REX fast bone
Hi Barry. Thanks for your kind words. We are thrilled that you loved your experience. JM
Best glue for polystyrene I’ve found