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The Foam Sales range of foam mattresses covers all sizes from Cot Mattresses through to King Size. Choose from a variety of thicknesses and densities - we encourage you to try out our foam types in store! If your cot or bed is an unusual shape, that's no problem. Request a quote for your cut-to-size mattress.

We carry in stock all standard sizes of mattress in both Standard foam and the Premium 35-130 grade of foam - so you can walk in any time and walk out with your choice of standard size and quality of mattress. Standard grade foam is what you will find in the commonly-available foam mattresses around town. Premium foam is of much higher density and quality, will last many years longer, and will give you a far more comfortable sleep too. Our Premium Foam Mattresses come with a  3-5 year warranty to back up our claims.

Foam Sales also makes a 'two in one' premium quality 'Ultra Mattress' in any standard bed size, and in custom sizes too. The Ultra is a two-piece mattress with separate firm foam base which can be rotated for use on either surface. The overlay section too, being separate from the base is replaceable when required, to add even further life to your foam mattress. The 'Ultra' has a 10 year warranty. 


Keep our handy 3-fold Mattress in the cupboard for guests, or pack it into the boot for a trip down South. Our Standard Foam Narrow Single fits tidily under a child's bed.


At Foam Sales we custom cut foam for any situation. Whether you need a special mattress for home use, for camps, motels, aged care or commercial applications, we can make to your personal and specific requirements.

We also custom make foam mattresses for boats, caravans and campers, and for your swag and camping requirements. 

Enquire for custom made and cut to size mattresses

A full range of foam bed overlays / toppers is also available to complement our mattresses and improve the comfort of most any sleeping situation. 

Health Information: The Joyce comfort range, from which Foam Sales' mattresses and overlays derive, has been independently certified as free of harmful substances according to the strict global criteria of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Standard 100 certifies that all Foam Sales' mattresses and seating foam products are:  

✔ Free of harmful chemical substances

✔ Safe for direct contact with the skin

All Joyce seating and mattress foams (sold by Foam Sales) are infused with CompriShield during the manufacturing process. CompriShield is a sustainable, bio-based microbial control solution that’s derived from coconut oil. It provides antibacterial odour protection as well as mould and mildew resistance, keeping products clean and safe for their lifetime.

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