Polystyrene Eskies

A polystyrene esky box is the economical choice for keeping your perishables cool

Polystyrene eskies are an inexpensive and highly effective means of keeping your food, drinks, and other items cool in the hot Australian climate. Foam Sales polystyrene eskies are suitable for the transport and short term storage of perishable goods such as seafood, fresh produce, drinks, and medical supplies - all are made from safe, food-grade polystyrene.

Small, Extra-Large, and more in between

Choose from the small 6 pack esky, the sturdy medical box, the 5kg export esky, the 15kg seafood esky, the 20kg ice box and the 100L tuna box

All except the 6 pack esky are airline-approved for transport of produce. Our polystyrene boxes and eskies come in a flexible range of shapes and sizes, in the hope that whatever you need, we've got you covered!

Contact us for commercial quantities of polystyrene boxes and eskies.

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