Polystyrene Foam Cutters & Adhesives

At Foam Sales we don't just supply the raw materials for your next project - we also offer polystyrene foam cutters and adhesives to assist with completion of your projects.

Polystyrene Foam Cutters - The Range

Our extensive range of cutters spans from a small battery operated hot wire cutter, through mains power hobby hot wire cutters and pen/wand kits, to larger industrial table cutters, and hand-held knife and blade cutters for workshop and on-site use. 

Polystyrene and Foam Adhesives

To complement our polystyrene and foam ranges we supply both liquid, spray, or brush-on glues, as well as caulking glues suitable for use with each of our products. Make sure to read adhesive descriptions carefully - polystyrene cannot tolerate solvent-based foam adhesive and will corrode if incorrect adhesive is applied.

Browse our full range of DIY foam cutters and adhesives below.