Foam Pillows

Foam pillows are known for their superior ability to offer consistency of comfort and support without needing any special attention. Unlike pillows made from products that lose their shape and loft, good quality foam pillows will retain their shape, continuing to support your head for many years. 

Our Memory Foam range, consists of two pillows - one firm to feel, and the other softer and having a cooling gel layer over the memory foam.

Foam Sales' Hygroflex Contour pillows are luxuriously soft while offering the support that can only be achieved using high density, high resilient foam. These pillows, like the Gel Memory Foam Pillow, are temperature regulating due to their unique open cell structure. They are available in two sizes.

Two memory foam neck pillows, and a nursing pillow complete the range. And from time to time we have in-store specials too. 

We believe that you will find Foam Sales' pillows to be of superior quality and very competitive prices.

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