Flexible (Polyurethane) Foam

A wide range of flexible polyurethane foams with interconnected air cells.

The open cell structure of these industrial foams contributes to them being softer and more elastic than closed cell foams. In flexible open cell polyurethane foams the pores, or cells of air are not completely closed, but run into each other. This means that air or water can pass through the foam at varying rates, depending upon the size of the cells and the openness of the adjoining cell walls.

A better foam for your dollar

Choose from economical, low density foams through to high quality, high density foams. We also offer a range of hardnesses according to the foam grade specification. Soft foams can range through low to high density; for example, memory foam can be both extremely soft and very high density. Firm foams, on the other hand, are generally higher in density, as a firm feel cannot usually be achieved with low foam density. For more information on Density and Hardness Properties see here

Foam cell pores to suit

The open cells, or "pores" in this range of foams can vary considerably in size. Reticulated air and water filter foams are available in hole sizes ranging from 15 - 80 holes per square inch. These foams have been treated so as to break the joining cell walls, making the products porous to allow for the passage of air or water. That's why reticulated foams are ideal for air and water filters, and for outdoor and wet weather use! Where air and water flow are less important, you can opt for a conventional (non-reticulated) foam with smaller pores.

Jack of all trades

Open cell polyurethane foams are used world-wide in applications as diverse as; industrial and commercial applications for concrete curing, pipe cleaning and pipe lagging, impact absorption and vibration damping, protection and packaging, and for acoustic sound attenuation. 

Commercially and for home use flexible polyurethane foams are also used in cushions (indoor and outdoor), seating and furniture, mattresses, bed overlays and pillows, cushioning and protection, and craft. With such a huge range of applications, it's important that you get good advice on the right foam for your particular job.

Making the right choice

First, our friendly and knowledgeable team will ask you how you intend to use your foam. Taking into account your service requirements and application, need for quality, hardness etc, we will then recommend some foam solutions to match your needs. Our aim is for you to get the best result for your investment, and with 30+ years in the business, we believe we can offer you a range of options suited to the purpose!

For Product Data and Technical Information on all Foam Sales' Open Cell Foam  ranges see our Product Data Sheets

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