Bed Overlays / Toppers

Foam overlays/toppers are one of our most popular products at Foam Sales! In our 30 years in business we have sold many thousands of bed overlays / mattress toppers to satisfied commercial and retail customers. We are pleased to highly recommend these products!

Bed Overlays - The Range

Premium Convoluted Foam Overlay - The most popular in our range, this overlay is made from soft, strong premium quality foam. This overlay is thicker than most of its competition, with a 60/30mm convoluted profile. In our opinion it is one of the best foam overlays available, and is great value for money too. No wonder we sell so many!

Memory Foam Overlay - Our memory foam toppers are made from high density (quality) foam with a soft luxurious feel and slow recovery from depression. All the foams we use in these overlays are of 50kg/m3 or more - meaning they are high quality, providing both superior comfort and long life. Foam Sales' memory foam overlays come with a zip-off cotton or poly cotton cover as standard. 

Why buy a Foam Sales Bed Overlay?

  • EVIDENCE - Almost any mattress is more comfortable when paired with a quality overlay. Providing relief aching backs and sore joints, hours of lost sleep recovered, even marriages, we are told, have been saved by our overlays!
  • QUALITY AND VALUE - We believe each of these ranges of bed overlays to be the best available in its category. Each is made from premium quality foam while being priced around or below inferior competitors. They are great value!
  • LONGEVITY - Our foam overlays prolong the life of your mattress. Innerspring mattresses last years longer than they otherwise would, as these overlays protect the thin layer of (often cheap) foam over the springs. If this layer has sagged or flattened on your mattress then, provided the springs are ok, one of our overlays will renew your mattress. Don't buy another expensive mattress - buy a quality foam overlay! You may well find yourself with a better mattress and getting a more restful sleep than when your mattress was new. 
  • EXPERIENCE - Our overlays have been developed as a result of our 30 years of experience providing foam solutions to our WA and interstate customers. Ask our staff for advice and testimonials. 
  • OUR GUARANTEE - Each foam bed overlay has a 3 year limited warranty. (We recommend you replace your overlay every 3-4 years.) As with all Foam Sales products, we guarantee that all our bed overlays/mattress toppers will perform as described - or your money back.   

We custom make bed overlays and mattress toppers to size for boats, vans and special bed sizes.

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