Bed Wedges & Overlays

Foam overlays / toppers are one of our most popular products at Foam Sales! In our 35 years in business we have sold many thousands of bed overlays / mattress toppers to satisfied commercial and retail customers. We are pleased to highly recommend these products!

A comprehensive range of full length and shorter bed wedges is available to assist with reflux and other sleeping discomforts. Each is available to fit the standard bed sizes, and can be custom made as well. 

Bed Overlays - The Range

Premium Convoluted Foam Overlay - The most popular in our range, this overlay is made from soft, strong premium quality foam. This overlay is thicker than most of its competition, with a 60/30mm convoluted profile. In our opinion it is one of the best foam overlays available, and is great value for money too. No wonder we sell so many!

Memory Foam Overlay - Our memory foam toppers are made from high density (quality) foam with a soft luxurious feel and slow recovery from depression. All the foams we use in these overlays are of 50kg/m3 or more - meaning they are high quality, providing both superior comfort and long life. Foam Sales' memory foam overlays come with a zip-off knitted or poly cotton fabric cover as standard. 

Foam Sales' Bed Overlays

  • FEATURES - Almost any mattress is more comfortable when paired with a quality overlay. Overlays offer surface softness and comfort, and often as a result, relief to aching backs and sore joints. This is especially the case when mattresses are hard, or uncomfortably firm, and where bed sores and sensitive areas require relief.
  • Foam overlays also will tend to hold body warmth next to the skin surface which raises the temperature in the adjacent muscles and joints by a degree or two, depending on foam density. This is good news for those suffering, as this extra warmth also alleviates these pains. Especially as we age, muscles and joints begin to ache as we lose body temperature. Cold is a killer, and foam overlays work against this insidious problem. If you live in a cold climate in particular, you need to buy a foam overlay!
  • QUALITY AND VALUE - We believe each of these ranges of bed overlays to be amongst the best quality and value available in its category. Each is made from premium quality foam, while being priced around or below inferior competitors. These overlays are great value!
  • LONGEVITY - Our foam overlays prolong the life of your mattress. Innerspring mattresses last years longer than they otherwise would, as these overlays protect the thin layer of (often cheap) foam over the springs of your mattress. If this layer has sagged or flattened on your mattress then, provided the springs are ok, one of our overlays will enable you to use your mattress for years longer than would have been the case. There is often no need to buy another expensive mattress - simply prolong its life and enhance its comfort with a quality foam overlay! You may well find yourself with a better combination, and getting a more restful sleep than when your mattress was new. 
  • EXPERIENCE - Our overlays have been developed as a result of our 35 years of experience providing foam solutions to our WA and interstate customers. Feel free to ask our staff for advice and testimonials. We use these products ourselves.
  • OUR GUARANTEE - Each foam bed overlay has a 3 year limited pro-rata warranty. As with all Foam Sales products, we guarantee that all our bed overlays / mattress toppers will perform as described - or your money back.
  • INSTRUCTIONS for use. All new foam gives off some smell when removed from its packaging. Overlays, wedges, and new mattresses all can be left in the open to air for a day or two if the new foam smell is noticeable or likely to cause irritation. Upgrade to a new overlay every 4-5 years. 
  • ITEM OF INTEREST - Is it safe to use an electric blanket with a foam overlay? To the extent that an electric blanket could spark or cause its plastic and material components to smoulder we recommend that a layer of fabric such as a mattress protector be placed between the foam overlay and the electric blanket. (If this is not considered safe enough then its probably best not to be using an electric blanket at all. Nearly all mattresses contain foam in their top layer just below their fabric cover.) Turning the electric blanket off when it is not in use, and before going to sleep would seem also to be sensible precautions. 

We custom make bed overlays and mattress toppers to size for boats, vans and special bed sizes.

Health Information: The Joyce comfort range, from which Foam Sales' mattresses and overlays derive, has been independently certified as free of harmful substances according to the strict global criteria of STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX.

Standard 100 certifies that all Foam Sales' mattresses and seating foam products are:  

✔ Free of harmful chemical substances

✔ Safe for direct contact with the skin

All Joyce seating and mattress foams (sold by Foam Sales) are infused with CompriShield during the manufacturing process. CompriShield is a sustainable, bio-based microbial control solution that’s derived from coconut oil. It provides antibacterial odour protection as well as mould and mildew resistance, keeping products clean and safe for their lifetime.

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