Dacron Sheet

Foam Sales dacron sheet is made from a polyester fibre that is most commonly used to produce the plump, rounded look that is most popular in upholstery applications. Wrapped around foam cushions, dacron softens the edges, adding a spongey layer between the foam and the fabric. Aside from producing an attractive finish, dacron wrapping prolongs the life of your foam cushion inserts, as well as limiting stretching of the fabric. 

We offer two grades of dacron:

  • Indoor upholstery grade (standard weight of 200gm/m2), suitable for wrapping around most foam cushion inserts.
  • Coarse outdoor dacron is used in conjunction with reticulated foam in outdoor cushions, or can be used alone as a cushion insert inside the cushion cover. This product is suitable for wet area cushions. It can be hosed down or thrown in the pool for washing. Drip dry these cushions on the line or standing on their edge in a breeze.

Each type of dacron is sold off the roll by the linear metre - indoor upholstery grade  at 1500mm wide and outdoor grades each at 2100mm wide respectively. Dacron sheet is also available to purchase in full rolls.

Roll Dimensions: 

  • Indoor Grade - 30m x 1500mm wide x 200gm/m2
  • Outdoor Grade - 10m x 2100mm wide x 200gm/m2
  • Outdoor Grade - 10m x 2100mm wide x 800gm/m2

When buying a custom made cushion, we generally recommend that a layer of dacron be wrapped over your new foam before fitting into your new cushion covers.

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Dacron sheet


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My purchase was only a small order, but it still received prompt attention and quick delivery. The dacron itself is of top quality.