Saviro Underfloor Polystyrene Insulation

Saviro underfloor insulation is a profile-cut polystyrene panel that compresses in its width to fit between floor joists, preventing airflow and heat loss or intrusion. These polystyrene panels are designed for fitting under timber floors where access is available under your house.

When correctly fitted firmly up against the floor joists on each side, Saviro polystyrene panels act as effective thermal insulation under your floor in three main ways.

Firstly, polystyrene underfloor insulation panels are an effective thermal barrier to prevent the convection / movement of heat energy out of (and into) any building through the floor. The panels alone add a minimum R1.5 to your floor system R value.

Secondly, the rigid polystyrene panels prevent the passage of air through the floor to the outside, and cold air from entering upwards through the raised floor into your house. Heat energy that would otherwise have been lost due to drafts is saved.

Finally, each panel has a pair of 20mm thick spacers running the 1200mm length of the panel. These should be fitted facing upwards towards the floor, thus acting to preserve an air gap between the polystyrene panel and the under side of the floor.

This layer of trapped air itself serves as an insulating layer, (trapped air is a good thermal insulator - think of double glazing), further stabilising the internal temperature of your home, and saving on energy bills. This 20mm air gap will add around R0.02 to your system R value.

After fitment of the panels, each one can be fixed or supported in place mechanically with angle bar, wedges or nails, or with a small amount of polystyrene-compatible caulking adhesive at each corner. 

Each Saviro Underfloor Polystyrene Panel is 1200mm long, 60mm thick, and available in your choice of width. Price is per each panel. The 20mm thick spacer strips on the top surface of each panel are additional to the 60mm thickness of each polystyrene panel. 

For more technical information on polystyrene see our EPS Product Data Sheets.

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Peter G. (Perth, AU)
Saviro Floor Panels

Very good product, easy to fit, best option for underfloor insulation, no sagging no mess and Foam Sales were very helpful and easy to deal with.

Great to hear Peter. Thanks for your review. RB