Foam Product Range

Established in 1986, Foam Sales is a family-owned business specialising in the supply of foam products and related services for industrial, commercial and retail clients. We supply standard size foam and polystyrene sheets, and we cut to size and custom make to customer requirements. 

Our foam product ranges include polystyrene (EPS and XPS) for building and construction projects and precast concrete panel work, insulation boards, packaging and stage props.

We supply flexible polyurethane foam for mattresses, and cushions, packaging, filters and road cases. Our ranges include closed cell EVA and PE foams too. 

Foam Sales has 30+ years of experience as W.A's premier foam supplier, and staff with close to 100 years' combined experience in foam products. We aim to use this experience to be Perth’s most trusted provider of the best value innovative foam solutions to every one of our customers.

Foam Sales has a reputation for quality, service and innovation. We believe in good, old-fashioned customer service, which is why our staff are friendly, knowledgeable, and routinely deliver the best foam solution for the best price. 

Our comprehensive wholesale range includes polystyrene (EPS and XPS), flexible polyurethane, and polyethylene foam products (PE and EVA) for commercial and building applications. We carry large stocks of industrial foam products in our Perth warehouse, which are available for delivery and for your walk-in purchases too. We also fabricate and custom make finished foam products to order in our foam factories. 

Our retail store offers Perth's largest and most diverse range of cushions, mattresses, bed overlays, polystyrene sheets, eskys, gym and exercise mats, and all foam types, both open and closed cell. Purchase items off the shelf, or take advantage of our while-you-wait cutting service for items cut to your specifications. Custom-made cushions are one of our most popular products; not only will we cut your cushions to size from our selection of foams, we also provide a high-quality covering and sewing service. We stock our own in-house range of indoor, outdoor and specialty fabrics, and carry swatches for ranges by Warwick, Sunbrella and Bradmill. We have something to cater for almost every need. 

You will find here a library of Data Sheets and Product Test Results for our extensive range of foam types and grades. These include information on our Saviro ranges of rigid board and flexible insulation products, and our flexible polyurethane and PE, EVA and EPE foams. Speak to us today about technical requirements for your projects.

Our Philosophy

At Foam Sales, we think of ourselves as problem-solvers. We aim to offer quality innovative solutions for our customers for the best price possible. 

Customer service is key. We're not happy unless our customers are!

If, for any reason, you are unhappy with our service or products, please tell us frankly, and straight away. We value all customer feedback - it helps us to continue to be a premium foam supplier, in Perth and Nationwide!

Quality Assurance

It is Foam Sales policy to reliably supply customers with quality products that provide solutions to their needs, that are are accurately described at the time of purchase, and where recommended are done so with the benefit of experience and concern for our customers' expressed needs.

To ensure our quality standards are met, we regularly measure our performance according to the following outcomes:

  • Awareness: Establish and maintain a high degree of awareness at every level in the organisation and encourage individual initiative in achieving those standards relating to quality, safety and environmental requirements.
  • Key Performance Indicators: Continually monitor performance of all staff in key performance indicators.
  • Customer Awareness and Commitment: Understand customer requirements and ensure solutions are provided with a view to: reliability, performance, quality, delivery and environmental factors.
  • Corrective Action: Respond positively and promptly to any issues raised, ensuring that relevant remedial action is taken.
  • Continuous Improvement: Constantly seek to implement improvements in our products, processes and service.