Custom Cushions & Seating

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Custom cushions are our specialty at Foam Sales. We regularly make every type of cushion imaginable, whether indoor or outdoor, for commercial or industrial, for home, boat, van or camper. Our cushions are cut to size in our own factory, ensuring that we have 100% quality control. We cover foam cushions in fabrics, vinyls, PVCs and outdoor cushion weaves. 

Choose your Custom Cushion Supplier

The many options we offer for your custom made indoor and outdoor cushion requirements, and our 30 years experience in the business, make Foam Sales the safe and superior choice for your custom cushions. Enquire with us for options and assistance with your new foam cushions - and compare the difference. 

Options with Assistance

You can order new foam or dacron replacements only, or have your new cut-to-size foam wrapped in dacron and covered with your choice of fabric if required. See our Covering & Sewing services for more details.

Visit us and we will show you through the design and manufacturing options for your custom cushion needs. Or send an enquiry on the form below and we will get back to you within a business day.