Foam Mattresses & Overlays / Toppers

Foam Sales is Perth's number one supplier of foam mattresses and bed overlays / toppers in your choice of standard and custom sizes. We create mattresses in many shapes, sizes, grades and combinations of foam for hospitals, clinics, motels, and for the public - and we have 30 years experience to assist you in offering the best quality and value foam mattress for your own needs.

Check out some of our in-store ranges of mattresses.

If you need a non-standard size foam mattress for your home, boat, caravan, camper, or swag you can use the form below to obtain a quick & easy price estimate (discounts apply for quantities of 10 or more).

Our popular egg carton and memory foam overlays make for a better sleep when used on top of one of our premium quality foam mattresses. In addition, a foam overlay will prolong the life of your new foam (or innerspring) mattress - we highly recommend them as a wise purchase that will add comfort and longevity to your new foam mattresses.

  • Foam Overlay - Mattress Topper
  • Foam Overlay - Mattress Topper
  • Foam Overlay - Mattress Topper