Interesting Facts

With over 30 years in the foam industry, we've collected plenty of foam facts! Below, a selection of the more useful facts and figures:

SL grade polystyrene weighs 13kg per cubic meter.

VH grade polystyrene weighs 28kg per cubic meter

XPS Blue Board (also known as Styrofoam) weighs 32 kg per cubic meter

Soudal T Rex and other water-based and polystyrene-compatible adhesives are perfect for gluing polystyrene to other surfaces.

Polystyrene dissolves when anything solvent based is applied to it. Water based paint must be used when painting polystyrene.

1 cubic meter of standard grade polystyrene will support up to 970 kilos of weight when placed in water.

The calculation is 1 cubic meter to hold 1000 kilos minus the weight of the polystyrene.