Over the last few days I have had the pleasure of dealing with your staff member Roxanne Preston. Roxanne has answered my questions promptly and honestly. She is a true asset to your business. It is a rarity in today's world to find someone as helpful and caring. I will have no hesitation in dealing with your firm in the future or recommending your firm if I require any goods that you supply. I can not speak highly enough of Roxanne.


I recently purchased a foam mat for my Thai Yoga Massage business and I am very impressed with the level of service from your company. From answering questions over the phone, to assisting with the sale in the shop, right through to the delivery, the customer service was outstanding.
The staff were knowledgeable, the price was better than competitive! The turnaround was quicker than expected and also delivered early. All staff have been helpful and friendly. It made my purchase an enjoyable experience, which I will be telling my colleagues about.


We have been dealing with Foam Sales for several years and feel it is timely that we put in writing the outstanding service we have received from you and your team. As everyone in business can appreciate at the moment WA is going through a boom and this boom has triggered unrealistic time frames. Our business relies on suppliers, such as you, to assist us in meeting that never ending demand.

I have often had to change our production schedule to suit our client's requests and in turn, that impacts our suppliers. We deal with over 100 suppliers and out of those suppliers we rely on Foam Sales heavily to meet our production schedule.

Despite the unrealistic time frames we have placed on Foam Sales and the unusual requests we make, we have always found Foam Sales to be very accommodating and appreciative to our business needs. This is a rare commodity these days. I always say a product is a product which can be purchased anywhere but great service is a rare find. Your business wil continue to get our loyalty while you continue to offer the level of service you do.

I have never heard the word no from you and your team and from our perspective that is greatly appreciated.

The efforts of Al and Justin need to be commended as they are usually the people I speak to with my unrealistic requests and they assist us in every way possible. They are true assets to your business. Simon, you have a business and team to be proud of, one that many others can learn from. Please ensure you pass this onto your team to show our gratitude.