Archery Target

The Foam Sales archery target range is made using ‘self-healing’ closed cell XPE and EVA foams, which means they stand up to repeated use over time. All targets are of sufficient thickness (250mm) and density for use in the field with compound and highly powered bows. Each can be used from either side so you get the added life from them.

XPE Target:

  • Replacement Core for Danage Fita target is made from high density XPE for heavy duty use. Can be used in Danage Frame, or as stand alone target.

EVA Targets:

  • Constructed from alternate layers of medium and hard closed cell EVA. Available in two standard sizes (see drop down product box).

For custom size targets, and when thinner targets are sufficient for horse archery and light weight bows etc, contact us for a quote.

View this custom archery target we made for the Budokan Academy in 2015.

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Customer Reviews

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Delivery of foam target

Isuue with tracking. Message and number sent by Toll but item delivered by Safeway . Toll tracking did not work.

We didn't know when item was being delivered but eventually had it deliver on second attempt.

Hope not same issue with rest ....garage door...item when sent.

Terry Reilly

Foam targets

Exactly what required, very good timing

Shame you will soon shoot them full of holes John! Have fun, and thanks for your review.