Archery Target

The Foam Sales archery target range is made using ‘self-healing’ closed cell EVA foam, which means they stand up to repeated use over time. These targets are designed for field use, and for bows up to 30 pounds of pulling force. They are not suitable for use with high powered bows shot at short distance - (the arrows are too hard to get out when fully embedded in the foam). All targets are of sufficient thickness (240mm), and density to enable good use of both sides when using lighter weight bows. 

Foam Sales' Archery Targets are constructed from alternate layers of medium and hard grades of closed cell EVA foams. Actual construction of targets in terms of number and colours of layers may vary from time to time.

Targets are supplied as a solid one-piece target; not in sections, or with a removable centre. We do however supply a replacement plug of 170mm diameter with each target. When the centre of your new target has been shot to pieces, just cut out the damaged centre and insert the plug for a rejuvenated target. Additional replacement cores are available at $40 each. Our standard size targets are available in three sizes, 600x600x240mm, 1000x1000x240mm, and 1200x1200mm. (see drop down product box).

For custom size targets, for replacement cores, and when thinner targets are sufficient for horse archery and light weight bows etc, contact us for a quote. 

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Customer Reviews

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Axel A. (Perth, AU)
Great Target

I shoot in the back yard 20 meters . Even though I get good groupings with my arrows the target is 1000 x 1000 mm and I move my 60 cm target to different areas on the foam reducing the wear in one spot . Very happy with my purchase . Axel

Sounds like a smart strategy Axel. Thank you for your review. RB

jamie (Bundoora, AU)

great stuff

HI Jamie,
Thanks for your positive feedback. We are really glad to hear that. JM

Thomas M. (Perth, AU)
Foam sale

I have been buying foam for years and have experienced very good service, great quality and wide choice. Very happy

Hi Thomas,
We are so glad to hear that and we really appreciate your positive feedback. Joe

Richard C. (Kyle Bay, AU)
Awesome archery target

Thanks heaps Foam Sales, love the target.
Also thanks for your help, professionalism, and quick delivery.
I'll be back 😎
Cheers Rick

Terrence R. (Kensington and Norwood, AU)
Delivery of foam target

Isuue with tracking. Message and number sent by Toll but item delivered by Safeway . Toll tracking did not work.

We didn't know when item was being delivered but eventually had it deliver on second attempt.

Hope not same issue with rest ....garage door...item when sent.

Terry Reilly