Bed Overlay - Memory Foam

A superior grade memory foam overlay for premium comfort. Memory foam moulds to the body in response to heat and pressure, evenly distributing body weight, returning slowly to its original shape when pressure is removed.

This overlay is especially beneficial when used on hard mattress surfaces, and where pressure sores or pain are being experienced due to this surface hardness. The foam is soft and yet has good body and support due to its high density (50kg/m3). 

For more information on this overlay, and on the features and uses for foam toppers in general visit our information page.

This overlay comes with a removable, cream velour cover (Colour of cover may vary). Available in sizes ranging from Narrow Single to King Size.

Dimensions (50mm thickness):

  • Narrow Single: 1880 x 760mm 
  • Single: 1880 x 910mm
  • King Single: 2030 x 1060mm
  • Double: 1880 x 1370mm
  • Queen: 2030 x 1520mm
  • King: 2030 x 1830mm

Still undecided? View our premium convoluted overlays. 

Warranty: Foam Sales' Memory Foam Overlays are warranted for 3 years of heavy duty use. We recommend replacement after 5 years for ageing and hygiene reasons. For these same reasons we do not accept returns on memory foam overlays that have been used.

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Hi Sheryn, we love making people comfortable. Thanks for your Review. SB
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