Convoluted Acoustic Foam

Engineered for home theatres, studios and music rooms, this convoluted acoustic foam (foam type AA21-300) absorbs reverberation and echo, providing softer, clearer and purer sound.

Foam profiles such as these are particularly beneficial in trapping the squeak and harshness of high pitched sound. By interfering with sound wave direction, and by trapping and absorbing sound energy, foam tiles help to remove high frequency background noise, and increase sound clarity, resulting in softer and clearer sound. 

Profiled foam sheets and tiles are most beneficial in removing the short wavelength, higher pitched (high frequency) sounds. For rooms where long wavelength, deep sounds also need to be removed add some bass corner traps

Available as acoustic tiles, or in full sheets for lining walls and ceilings. These sheets of convoluted acoustic foam have a surface profile similar in shape to the inside of an egg carton. This adds surface area to the foam sheet, thus increasing the effectiveness of the sound absorption.

Acoustic foam tiles in pyramid pattern are also available in pack quantities.

For alternative sound absorbing products see our nitrile rubber sheet range and our high density acoustic sheet.

For sound absorption coefficients and technical data refer to our brochure. These acoustic foam products do not contain fire retardant.


  • 2040 x 1600 x 45/25mm - sheet*
  • 400 x 400 x 45/25mm tiles - pack of 20

* Full sheets come up to 2100mm long and are untrimmed (have rough outer edges) on their ends.

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Customer Reviews

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Foam, Good. No look like picture

Not the usual

I wasn’t going to say anything but you’ve sent this through so
The ends of the sheets and some of the edges where not uniform, creating additional waist. FYI there much more sides like this then good ones.
Also the thickness was not consistent from sheet to sheet.
However the spray glue was a good tip to pass on.
To conclude, normally the product is heavily protected to guard your great quality. This time round the quality was not there.
Sorry but you dropped the ball this time. I probably should have spoken out at the time but I was busy at the time and didn’t want confrontation.

Hi Chris, thanks for your feedback. Its true that the ends of the large sheets have rough edges at around 2080mm apart. This allows for trimming back to the nominal 2040mm length, or shorter to fit the space required. Guess we should mention this on our web page. Sorry for the inconvenience, and thanks again for your understanding. Simon