Expansion Joint Foam - 1m Bundle - WA & SA

This Product Page applies to orders for South Australia and Western Australia only. For Orders in Queensland, NSW and Victoria please visit our separate Product Page

Foam Sales Expansion Joint Foam properties

  • cross linked, closed cell, polyethylene foam
  • flexible
  • compressible (has good recovery from compression)
  • moisture and tear-resistant
  • light weight
  • durable
  • resistant to common acids, alkalies, and  chemicals
  • CFC free


This industrial foam product (similar to Ableflex) has a variety of applications in filling an expansion joint gap in road, bridge and building construction, and wherever low load joint fillers are required in concrete and construction work. It can be used as a gap filler in any area where concrete expansion, ground or building movement would otherwise cause damage without the gap.

This expansion joint filler foam will also act as a backup strip to support sealants in floor and wall joints and can be used as lagging to create space around pipes and vessels.

Roll dimensions and bundles
Roll Dimensions: 25m long x 10mm thick x 50-300mm wide. All roll widths are available in plain, or with adhesive back for easy application to walls and slab edges.

Each roll has a 10mm zip-strip edge that can be removed prior to the gap being back-filled with flexible sealant. Foam Sales' Expansion Joint Foam Rolls come in Bundles. Prices are per Bundle, each having multiple roll quantities as shown on the list here below.

Rolls Per Bundle: 

  • 50mm wide = 20 rolls per pack (500m)
  • 75mm wide = 15 rolls per pack (375m)
  • 100mm wide = 12 rolls per pack (300m)
  • 125mm wide = 9 rolls per pack (225m)
  • 150mm wide = 8 rolls per pack (200m)
  • 200mm wide = 6 rolls per pack (150m)
  • 250mm wide = 5 rolls per pack (125m)
  • 300mm wide = 4 rolls per pack (100m)

For expansion joint foams in other thicknesses in sheet and roll form, and for cut to profile foam, please contact our office directly.

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Customer Reviews

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Dean D. (Melbourne, AU)
Foam failure

Seriously asking for a review.... Foam adhesive backing failed miserably sticking to the pull away plastic rather than the foam, additional labour and adhesive cost ensued. Discussed with company sent videos of issue and reply was sorry it is a faulty product and we will give you a discount on next purchase. Pfft....

Hello Dean, no argument about the faulty batch of adhesive as we discussed in our phone conversations. We possibly misunderstood that the job you were using the foam for was completed and that you were happy that we had called, and that there was no further action that we could practically have taken? We confirm that the adhesive problem has been rectified, and that we are happy to give you a discount on any future purchases. SB