Garage Door Insulation Kit (Custom Cut)

Transform your Hot & ColdNoisy Garage into a Comfortable, Quiet, Living & Working Space

Foam Sales' Garage Door Insulation Kits are custom cut to your door panel sizes. See Dave's video below on how to measure, and fit your new door panels.

Enter the custom panel sizes you require (maximum of 4 sizes per double door kit) into the text box provided above. Note that oversize panels will cause problems in installation. Being 1-2mm undersize makes for easier installation. Please allow a lead time of up to 3 weeks for cutting and delivery. 

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Thermal Insulation using Foam Sales' polystyrene insulation panels on the inside of sectional garage doors makes a considerable difference (up to 10°C - see Customer Reviews below) to moderating the summer heat and winter cold in your garage. During the Australian summer months in particular, metal garage doors  radiate large amounts of heat, often making garage areas impractical for use as a workshop, exercise, or living area, or even for storage of valuable items. Our Polystyrene Garage Door Insulation Kit blocks this radiating heat, making the inside environment more temperate, enabling one more usable living space in your home.

Acoustics inside the garage are also improved by the sound absorbing characteristics of the polystyrene panels that moderate reverberation and harshness of sound caused by the hard surfaces typical in most garages. This can be good, both for those living inside the house, and for the neighbours too! Door and motor operation will sound quieter as well. (See Customer Reviews below)

In addition to improved comfort, the more moderate temperatures inside an insulated garage result in less condensation - so less damp and mould, and reduced rusting of the mechanisms caused during periods / nights of extreme cold and wet weather. Most homeowners are likely to also experience lower ongoing energy costs as a result.

Garage Door panel sizes can vary considerably, so be sure to take accurate measurements on the size of each of your door sections. If in doubt, go for 1-2mm smaller on each measurement, for much easier installation. We will custom-cut to the width, height and thickness you require for each of your door panels. Enter all your panel sizes in the box provided when placing your order. (Please commonise sizes to a maximum of 4 unique sizes per Double Door Kit. Should you have more than 4 panel sizes, trimming and custom modifications of panels are easily done in your garage with a utility knife or fine tooth saw.)

When fitting the panels, slide the polystyrene boards into / behind the top and bottom flanges. See Dave's Video on how to measure and fit your new panels. The horizontal stabilising bars will usually need to be removed in order to insert the panels. Otherwise no tools are required for fitting of the panels, which is typically done in less than one hour. (A pair of cotton or rubber gloves can assist with handling and fitting of the panels.)

The firm polystyrene surface finish on the garage door panels does not need to be covered, and many customers appreciate the benefit of the extra light that is reflected from the white panels. The panels can be painted with water based paints and varnishes if preferred. (Take care - oils, and some silicone sprays will eat into the panels).

For an example of thermal rating, if you were to purchase polystyrene panels of  40mm thickness, these will have a Product R1.1 rating. The Panels are made from firm M grade polystyrene with thermal conductivity of 0.035W/m.°K. The door system value with the panels fitted has a higher R value due to the characteristic of the steel door panels to radiate heat and cold (emissivity) - in this case forced to radiate outside due to the high thermal resistance of the polystyrene panels. This thermal performance is typically stable over decades after installation. Foam Sales' Garage Door Insulation Panels have a 10 Year Warranty.

Adhesive is not normally required for fixing the panels, but if you do want to use it we recommend a flexible long-life MS Polymer such as Soudal T-Rex. These products can also be used to fill and seal gaps at the edges. (Do not use solvent-based adhesives, or oil-based products on these panels.)

Prices on this page apply to standard size Single and Double Garage Door Kits. A standard set of Double garage door panels (usually 16-20 panels)* will weigh 7kg on average. On doors with balanced spring tension this usually is not enough weight to affect your motor or door operation, or to require adjustments to spring tension

* A set of panels for oversize garage doors, if weighing more than 8kg, will incur an additional cost accordingly.

All polystyrene sheet made in Australia, including these panels, contains fire retardant. The effect of this additive is that in the case of exposure to small flame sources the panels will self-extinguish when the flame source is removed. See test results and flammability comparisons with other building products. 

Customer Testimonials witness to recorded temperature decreases of 10°C and more in their garage on hot summer days, and moderated winter temperatures, with improved acoustics too. Check our Customer Reviews here below.

Shipping. Please allow 3 weeks lead time for Eastern States orders, and 2 weeks  for orders delivered within WA.

For customers in rural areas with high shipping costs, you will likely achieve a cheaper shipping cost to a friend's Capital City metro address.  😅

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Customer Reviews

Based on 284 reviews
Brad (Perth, AU)
Garage door insulation

Great product and team to work with! Just measure correctly

Great advice Brad. And thanks for letting us know. SB

Nigel B. (Sydney, AU)
Panel kits

Ordered 3 door kits. Couldn't be happier the company is easy to deal with and delivered the order fast with no issue. The only thing I would change is a dispatch notice so you know when they are on their way

Thank you for your Review Nigel. We appreciate your positive feedback. It is normal practice for us to send tracking details out with all shipped orders. We will explore how this did not occur in your case, and appreciate that you have let us know. Best wishes SB

Pat J. (Canberra, AU)
Panel lift door install

Use of the website was easy.
I had to make sure of the measurements. If you watch the video it’s easy enough to understand and follow.
While it took a while for the inserts to be sent to Canberra they arrived in good order and the install was simple
The difference is noticeable temperature wise immediately.
Another upside is the reflected light from the white foam panels which brighten the garage.
Very happy with the results

Great feedback Pat, glad to hear you're enjoying the benefits already! RB


Product is terrific fast delivery

Courtney (Brisbane, AU)

Made such a difference and has cooled our garage down dramatically. Super easy to install

Great news Courtney. You can expect similar results for decades ahead. SB