Gutter Guard Filter Foam

Foam Sales' Gutter Guard Filter Foam is a firm black flexible foam profile  supplied in one metre lengths, designed to fit into most standard home and commercial building gutters. The filter foam acts to allow water to pass through into the gutter, while preventing leaves and litter from entering the gutter and downpipe. 

The foam we supply is a reticulated open cell foam with a large pore size, which allows heavy rainfall to pass through the foam into the gutters in the same volume as if the foam were not there. The foam is designed to sit high in the gutter allowing for water to move below it along your gutter in the usual way.

Because the foam sits near the top level of the gutter, leaves do not easily settle on its surface, and in usual circumstances most litter will be blown away. We guarantee that our foam profiles, if correctly fitted, will prevent leaves and litter from entering the gutter system of your home or business. 

Installation of these foam gutter guards is usually simple and quickly achieved. In the case of single story houses, anyone who can safely stand on a ladder is usually able to complete their installation in a very short time. 

The foam is fire retardant, suitable for use in all regions of Australia. It is also UV stable, ensuring a long service life. 

Benefits include:

  • firm, high density foam that does not shrink or collapse
  • the foam medium is fully porous, allowing the passage of water in heavy downpours, with no retained water in the foam
  • never again clean leaves or debris out of your gutters - guaranteed
  • simple and quick installation
  • the foam filter guards are not visible from the ground
  • the foam contains fire retardant to prevent combustion from embers
  • The foam formulation is UV resistant, enabling our warranty of 5 years, and an expected service life of 10 years

Comments and conditions of Warranty:

Foam Sales' Gutter Filter Foam is Guaranteed, if fitted correctly (as seen in the image on this page), to prevent leaves and litter from entering your gutters. This does not mean that you will never need to check the foam and to brush leaves and debris off from its surface. Where there are overhanging trees this may need to be done regularly, as would be the case with any gutter guard system.

We recommend that the foam be cleaned annually, or otherwise as required, by brushing off the surface debris, and washing the foam where necessary. Where leaf litter and atmospheric dust are abundant a buildup can accumulate, creating a medium for the growth of moss and small local plants. This buildup needs to be shaken and washed out from time to time as required. Even in these cases you will still save time, even hours, that would have been spent otherwise cleaning the leaves and litter from your gutters.

Foam Sales' Gutter Filter Foam carries a 5 year Warranty when serviced as mentioned above.

Because the foam contains fire retardant and UV stabilisers, we do not recommend the use of this foam in gutters from which drinking water is being collected. 

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