Hot Wire Hobby Cutter Kit

New more powerful 15W Model now in Stock for hotter, faster cutting.

The Hot Wire Hobby Kit is the perfect entry-level polystyrene cutting kit for  hobbyists, model makers and art and craft applications. The hot wire and pen are easy to use and allow for precise, clean cuts.

The kit includes a hot wire bow, hot pen, and an engraving tip, a spare roll of wire for the bow, and an adapter for use with mains power supply. Cutting length for the bow is up to 140mm, and for the pen up to 100mm. The power adaptor for this new model is 5V, 3A- nearly double the power output of previous and alternate models.

Leave the unit to heat for 20 seconds before use and then allow the heat to do the cutting. Do not push or drag the wire or wand faster than the heat is cutting the polystyrene. Give the power supply a rest every 15-20 minutes and be sure to turn the power off when the unit is not in use.

The Hobby Hot Wire Kit is one of our most popular products. We use parcel post to ship anywhere in Australia for $15 freight. 

This hobby kit is designed for cutting low density polystyrene. It will cut high density polystyrene, and XPS, though more slowly. The hot wire will cut low density EPE (slowly) but won't cut most foamed plastics. For more powerful cutters browse our full range of polystyrene hot wire cutters and accessories.

A full 12 month warranty applies to the Hobby Kit, as it does to all Foam Sales' polystyrene cutting tables and foam cutting kits.

For an even more powerful and higher temperature cutter see our 20W cordless DC blade cutter.

Please note that current stock of this model is in a blister flat pack as featured, not in a plastic case per previous models. 

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Foam cutter
Thanks for the feedback James. Glad this is working so well for you. GL
Hot Wire Hobby Cutter Kit
We really appreciate your feedback Bruce. Thank you. We quite agree about a case being a significant benefit for a kit like this. In the past the kit did come in a plastic case but in recent years we have been unable to find a supplier who will do this for us. We will keep looking Bruce, and thanks for the prompt. We do actually have one of the old cases left which is made to fit the kit you have bought. Would you like us to send it to you, say for the $10 cost of postage? SB
Thanks Gemma SB
Hi Gemma, Glad you like it - just checking if that was meant to be one, or 5 stars? Feel free to revise your star rating!! SB
Thank you for your Review Judith. We hope you get lots of fun from your hobby cutter kit. SB