Polyethylene Foam (IXPE) - Roll - Queensland, NSW, Victoria

For Orders for Polyethylene Foam Rolls in WA and SA please use our separate Product Page

Shipping cost to Brisbane, Sydney, and Melbourne metropolitan addresses is a flat $60 for any quantity of rolls. For shipping costs to regional and country areas please contact us. 

Polyethylene (PE) is a category of flexible, closed cell foam materials available from Foam Sales in rolls and in sheet form. In common with Foam Sales' other PE products, these Polyon cross-linked IXPE* rolls have a closed-cell structure, are water proof, flexible, compressible, and have good thermal resistance.

Foam Sales' Polyon IXPE Rolls have an attractive smooth fine texture surface finish. All rolls are 1 metre wide. They are of a medium density at 30kg/m3. Their operating temperature is from -40 70°C. 

Applications include lining for air conditioning ducting, industrial noise and anti-rattle and vibration dampening, impact absorption and protection. Polyethylene sheet is used in many industries and applications for water, air and dust seals and for all-weather sealing. Polyon IXPE is used in concrete expansion joints, and for substrate separation and gap filling, for packaging, thermal barriers and thermal insulation of air conditioning ducting, for anti-slip and marine uses, spa-top thermal blankets, as well as for hobby and craft projects. 

All polyethylene variants here come in dark charcoal / black colour and are available as plain IXPE sheet, or with optional adhesive backing. Each is sold by the full roll in the roll lengths listed here below.

A reverse wound version of the 5mm adhesive back is available. These rolls have their adhesive surface rolled directly to the back of the inside of the roll, meaning that the product, when unwound, is ready for immediate application. No backing paper needs to be removed.   

Roll Dimensions:

  • 1000mm(W) x 5mm x 50m
  • 1000mm(W) x 10mm x25m
  • 1000mm(W) x 15mm x 15m
  • 1000mm(W) x 20mm x 10m

For IXPE Rolls with foiled outer surfaces, often used in air conditioning ducting and in lining of cabinets, please contact our office. Foam Sales also supplies finishes in UV treated fabric for outdoor use including flotation blankets for dams and ponds. 

Product Data and general Polyethylene Product Information are available for Foam Sales' IXPE Roll products, and for all Foam Sales' other Closed Cell Foams too.

*IXPE rolls are cross-linked using irradiation, while XPE rolls are chemically cross-linked. IXPE material generally has a smoother surface and a finer, more consistent cell structure and sheet thickness than XPE foam.

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Juan V. (Melbourne, AU)
Foam insulation

Good product and good service I recommend 100%

Hi Juan, glad to have been of service. Thank you for your feedback.SB

Dav (Melbourne, AU)
Nice product

The foam product was good, the delivery took 4 weeks.

Hello Dav, we appreciate your patience in waiting for the roll of foam. It is rare that the Country is out of stock of this line, waiting on manufacture of new rolls. We hope that our service in keeping you advised of the timeline was acceptable. Thank you again for your patience, and for your order, Dav. SB