Thermo Gun Blade Cutter

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The Thermo Gun Blade Cutter is a compact, light-weight, pistol-grip-style hot blade cutting tool designed for cutting polystyrene, foamed plastics and ropes. It is suitable for cutting polyethylene, light weight plastics, PVC, and foamed rubbers, and is widely used for cutting and sealing the ends of ropes.

This Thermo Gun Blade Cutter Kit includes the tool body, two cutting blades (100 and 200mm long), and allen key. The kit comes in a plastic case for safe and easy storage and transport. A bendable Shaping Blade is available as an option at $20 for special projects. Please contact us directly to discuss this option. 

* Please note that as with all equipment that operates at high running temperatures intermittent cooling periods will prolong the life of the cutter. Always turn off the cutter when it is not in use. The spring-loaded trigger is not to be taped to ON position - this will void the cutter warranty. And when working on metal benches and around metal objects please take care not to short out the blade, or the terminals of the cutter.


Technical Data:

Supply voltage: 230V/50Hz
Power output: 150-250W
Warm-up time: 20 seconds
Weight of body with blade and power cord: 0.7Kg
Power cord length: 2.0m

A full 12 month warranty applies to the Thermo Gun Blade Cutter Kit, as it does to all Foam Sales' polystyrene cutting tables and foam cutting kits.

We recommend that a test cut be performed in advance of your project work to ensure that the result will be as required. The blades will heat to between 300-500C so burn path will vary accordingly. Take care as well - these temperatures can give a nasty burn.

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Hey Louise, Glad to hear you are happy. Thanks for the feedback. GL
Thermo cutter
Hi there, sorry we don't have your name so we could call to discuss. Was an area burned out of the polystyrene larger than you wanted? It is possible that the blade temperature could have been too hot? Feel free to give us a call to discuss. We will certainly aim to help with advice for future cutting if possible. SB
Great Service
Thanks for your positive feedback Ben. We are so thrilled to hear that you had a great experience. JM
excellent service
Thanks for your feedback Sharon. We hope that you get hours of fun cutting your polystyrene creations. SB
Hi Luke, thanks for leaving us a 5 star rating. It's much appreciated. JM