Caravan & Camper Cushions

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Feature cushions & seating make a mobile home

There's nothing like quality foam cushions to add comfort and a homely touch to your camper or caravan! Foam Sales custom make cushions and mattresses to fit any space, ensuring maximum comfort during your travels. 


At Foam Sales, we offer an all-inclusive service. Usually beginning with an in-store consultation, we recommend the most suitable foams, and fabrics you can choose from. We offer a great range of stylish fabrics to choose from, as well as sewing and related finishing services.

We're also mindful that in order to minimise costs, you may want to do your own measuring, provide your own fabric, or do your own sewing. That's totally fine! We want you to get the best deal for you, and if that means opting out of some of the extras, we're all for it. 

If your requirements are straight forward you could request a quick quote via our cut-to-size service form, otherwise,contact us to discuss and arrange an in-store visit.