EPE Foam

Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) Foam is the lowest density product in Foam Sales' Polyethylene family at 18-25kg/m3 for Sheets and Rolls respectively. EPE is a non-crosslinked foam, meaning that its ethylene chains are not tied into each other. This characteristic makes it easier to tear than our other Closed Cell Foams, all of which are cross linked.

Non-crosslinked EPE will also take up some water as its cells are not (except on the sheet surface) closed to prevent moisture intrusion. Being the lowest density product EPE is also the most economical product type in the Polyethylene ranges of foams. 

The most common use for EPE is as a packaging material in applications including electronics, automotive, white goods and case inserts. It is used as an underlay for wood floors, and in recent years it has increasingly been used in gym equipment to replace more expensive and heavier polyurethane foams in vaults, wedges, gym and play shapes, and in floor and exercise mats.

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