Life Support

Created in collaboration with medical and health care practitioners, the Life Support range offers premium foam products specifically designed to provide optimum support for joints and pressure points. Stocked in the Foam Sales store and by speciality medical suppliers, the Life Support range includes contoured pillows and wedges in varying foam types and densities.


Life Support Product Information

Luxury Contour Neck Support:  A contoured pillow designed to support the natural curve of the neck. Offered in three foam types and in two sizes:

Soft Memory foam

Our most popular foam type, soft memory foam very supportive at pressure points. It yields with pressure and body heat, forming a cradle for sore, weight-bearing joints. Available in Medium size only.

Soft Comfort Foam

A soft foam ideal for those who prefer gentle support. Available in Small and Medium.

Firm Support Foam

A firm foam that will yield with pressure, yet retains its form moreso than the Soft Comfort Foam and Soft Memory Foam. Ideal for those who prefer firm support. Available in Small and Medium sizes.