Nitrile Rubber (NBR)

Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR) is a closed-cell elastomeric sponge foam, most often with a non-porous composition, (like PE and EVA) that offers high thermal efficiency, equivalent to that of Polyethylenes and EVA’s. NBR however is softer and more pliable, so will allow itself to be easily formed around pipes and irregular shaped vessels. NBR in these applications will provide protection from condensation that may otherwise have occurred on the insulated surfaces.

Foam Sales supplies a limited range of pipe insulation for 13mm and 19mm diameter pipes. Our range also includes NBR exercise mats due to the soft yet supportive characteristics of NBR material. 

NBR is also a sound absorber, increasing in efficiency as its density increases. NBR sheet is available from Foam Sales in high density sheets of 250kg/m3 for industrial grade soundproofing. This heavy soundproofing product has a slightly open cell composition that allows the passage and trapping of sound waves within the sheet. This sound product in the NBR range is not waterproof. Foam Sales’ NBR products, are self extinguishing in the event of a fire.