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The physical properties of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) make it a versatile and economical choice for a wide range of industrial, commercial and home-use applications.

The high thermal resistance of Polystyrene makes it suitable as an insulating material in building and construction. For chilled food and drinks, and for seafood transport, polystyrene boxes and eskis are generally the first choice. 

Polystyrene also has a high strength to weight ratio. It is light in weight, has a high compressive strength, and is dimensionally stable.

Particularly in moulded form (eskis), polystyrene is highly moisture resistant. The thermal and strength characteristics of polystyrene are only compromised in the most extreme of circumstances. 

Being easy to cut and shape, polystyrene finds uses across a wide range of industries including building and construction for thermal insulation systems, (wall, roof and sub-floor), ceiling panels and other decorative surfaces, concrete voids and block outs, to protective packaging, floatation and buoyancy applications, and signs and stage sets.

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