'EVA Foam - Hard - Sheets

Foam Sales’ EVA Sheets are available in a Medium firmness high rebound version (Density 40kg/m3), suitable for most applications, and in this Hard high density (80kg/m3) version suitable for case inserts, and for industrial, high impact, and specialty foam applications. 

A limited amount of straight cutting of your EVA sheet order is included in the list prices - enter your cut sizes at checkout.

EVA Sheets form an important Product Category in our range of Closed Cell Foam Products. They are closely related to, and are similar in most properties to Polyethylene (PE) Sheets. They have superior elasticity to Polyethylene Sheets, and consequently have a wider range of specialist uses than their PE equivalents.

Foam Sales' EVA Sheets have a high level of chemical cross-linking, giving them superior stability, tear strength and waterproof properties compared to (cheaper) non cross-linked polyethylene products, including Poly Foam EPE sheet products.

Foam Sales' EVA has good clarity and gloss (similar to IXPE,) with low odour. It is dust-free, non-abrasive and inert, having moderate to good resistance to grease and solvents, and to UV radiation.

The closed cell structure of this EVA foam makes it impermeable to water and moisture-intrusion, to fungi, bacteria, and to air. Featuring high thermal resistance, it is light in weight, flexible and compressible, and has moderate to good recovery after long-term compression.  

EVA foam products are used in domestic and industrial applications for impact absorption and protection, vibration dampening, load deflection, seals and gaskets, thermal and sound insulation, and flotation.

These EVA Foam Sheets are black in colour, unless specified otherwise.

Sheet Specifications:

  • Hard (80kg/m3), Sheet Size: 1830 x 1200mm

Enquire with us for other specialty EVA sheets, and for Cut-to-Size and custom EVA projects to suit your requirements.

See our Closed Cell Foam pages for more information and options on Foam Sales' products, including softer high rebound ranges of EVA, together with their respective Data Sheets

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Shipping. If you would like your order of EVA Sheets cut to your custom sizes please advise the cut sizes in the box provided at checkout. Freight costs to some Rural and Regional locations may on occasions be higher than the price quoted on this page. Should this occur we will call you to discuss before proceeding with your order. Shipping Information
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ivor B. (Sydney, AU)
perfect for my needs

I wanted an eva foam that balanced flexibility with rigidity, as well as lightness with strength, for a sculpture. This has been just perfect, and the team cut it just in the way I wanted. Excellent service and delivery too

Hi Ivor, great to hear the foam is exactly what you required. We look forward to doing business with you in the future. RB

Thomas M. (Perth, AU)
Would not buy anywhere else.

Foam Sales have always supplied material that meets the needs of my latest project.
I have experienced nothing but quality products, service and competitive prices.
Very comfortable recommending this organisation.

Thank you Thomas. We enjoy seeing you in our store on your regular visits too. SB

Chris B.(. (Perth, AU)
EVA sheets

Material is working perfectly for the archery targets I am making. The sales staff were very friendly and efficient, the delivery was prompt and the quality of the sheets excellent.

Thank you for your review Chris. Glad to hear of your good experience and we hope to see you again soon. RB

Matt G. (Perth, AU)
Marine usage

This stuff is brilliant. I needed to fill some gaps in a marlin board on a boat. The gaps were causing problems for people with little feet as they were falling down them. So I needed something that looked smart and be firm enough that when you stand on it, you don't sink into it.

This foam has done the job perfectly, and for a fraction of the price of fibreglassing in the marlin board gaps. The foam is level with the rest of the board, so when you are walking across it, you don't even notice the difference in the board height or firmness between the fibreglass and foam.

I am expecting this to last a few years before the UV will take its toll, at which point, I'll replace with this foam again. I bought the standard black colour. I would be keen to know what other colours this foam is available in.

Thanks Matt, great to hear our EVA is doing the trick! We carry other colours from time to time such as white or blue. Best thing to do is call up next time you are in need of EVA and we'll update you with what we've got in stock. RB

John L. (Perth, AU)
Foam Archery target

It works quite well. It definitely stops the arrow. Only problem I have is getting the arrow out of the target. You have to hammer 🔨 arrow out with a plastic hammer flush with the back of the target and then you can pull arrow out. It is very tuff material. I am shooting arrows 🏹 from 20 metres and as far as 80 metres and still penetrates through the material I would put a photo in this review but seems unable to be done.

Hello John, thank you for your feedback. It is a known problem with thick eva targets that the arrows can be difficult to remove. The solution most commonly used to overcome this problem is the use of a small amount of silicone on the arrow. Some archers place a cylinder of soft flexible foam, with a small hole down its centre, into a pipe / tube, or cylinder, with a stopper top and bottom. Silicone can then be sprayed into the tube to impregnate the foam. The arrow tip, and up to the first 50-100mm of the shaft can then be pushed into the foam before use. This amount of silicone often lasts for a full year of archery. Only a very small amount of silicone is required on each application.
Hope this is helpful John. Please feel free to let us know whether this proves successful for you. SB