'Poly Foam Expanded Polyethylene (EPE) - Sheet / Plank

Minimum Order Value for Shipping outside Perth Region is $200.

EPE Poly Foam Sheet / Plank is a lightweight, semi-rigid, flexible closed cell foam, most commonly used in packaging, for impact and shock absorption, vibration dampening, and surface protection. It is used in tool storage trays, and as packaging in Pelican and Road cases. It is also used in some of our gym floor mats and foam gym equipment, and can be shaped and manipulated for events and display purposes. 

Foam Sales' Expanded Polyethylene Sheet is extremely versatile as it is easily shaped, formed, routed, and cut to size in the same way as Kaizen Foam, though the layers do not separate as easily as for the Kaisen material. It is dust-free (does not powder), is non-abrasive, is inert, and resistant to fuels and oils. This EPE plank foam is semi-rigid, yet flexible and pliable. It won't crack or snap, and does not splinter.

The product is used for thermal insulation too, having a good thermal resistance of 0.04W/m.k. Its closed cell structure is moisture resistant (though not 100% waterproof)*. 

EPE Poly Foam plank is available in varying thicknesses by the sheet. (Also available in full rolls). Limited stocks are available in Black Colour in most thicknesses on request, and as available.

Sheet dimensions: 2000 x 1000mm

Enquire for Cut-to-Size sheets and custom-cut EPE for your projects. 

* In certain applications EPE foam plank can be used for Marine Buoyancy, though this product, and EPE foam generally will take up some moisture with long term exposure to water. For Marine Buoyancy Foam see our ranges of cross-linked Polyethylene and EVA foam sheets. 

For further technical details, please view our EPE Data Sheet.

Foam Sales' EPE Poly Foam Sheets are available in opaque white colour.

Shipping: EPE Foam Sheets are shipped Australia-wide. Enter your postcode into the Freight Calculator above to find out your shipping cost.



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