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Foam Sales’ High Rebound EVA Sheets are a good quality product of density 40kg/m3. They are suitable for most applications where a closed cell foam with high rebound is required. Sheet thicknesses range from 10-100mm. Sheet colour is dark charcoal, and sheet size is 2100x1100mm.

A limited amount of straight cutting of your EVA sheet order is included in the list prices - enter your cut sizes at checkout.

EVA Sheets form an important Product Category in our range of Closed Cell Foam Products. They are closely related to, and are similar in most properties to Polyethylene (PE) Sheets. They have superior elasticity and rebound to Polyethylene Sheets, and consequently have a wider range of specialist uses than their PE equivalents.

Foam Sales' EVA Sheets offer high rebound and resilience in response to impact and compression. They have a high level of chemical cross-linking, giving them superior stability, tear strength and waterproof properties compared to (cheaper) non cross-linked polyethylene products, including Poly Foam EPE sheet products.

Foam Sales' EVA has good clarity and gloss (similar to IXPE,) with low odour. It is dust-free, non-abrasive and inert, having moderate to good resistance to grease and solvents, and to UV radiation.

The closed cell structure of this EVA foam makes it impermeable to water and moisture-intrusion, to fungi, bacteria, and to air. Featuring high thermal resistance, it is light in weight, flexible and compressible, and has moderate to good recovery after long-term compression.  

EVA foam products are used in domestic and industrial applications for impact absorption and protection, vibration dampening, load deflection, seals and gaskets, thermal and sound insulation, and flotation.

Due to its excellent elasticity and rebound after compression, EVA blocks and sheets are the products of choice to provide the rebound under sprung floors in gymnasiums, fitness, and dance studios. EVA Sheet is also widely used in spa covers, pool mats, camping mats, pads and padding, yoga blocks, boat fenders and high impact waterproof seating.

EVA products of high rebound quality are competitive with rubber and vinyl in many applications including sandals and shoes, gloves and helmets, for comfort and protection. Being a thermoplastic these EVA sheets can be moulded to shape for pads, saddles and boots, and is used in protective clothing.

These Foam Sales EVA Foam Sheets are dark charcoal in colour, unless specified otherwise.

Sheet Specifications:

  • Medium Firmness, High Rebound (40kg/m3), Sheet Size: 2100 x 1100mm

For EVA foam sheets of higher hardness for tool box inserts, high impact and other industrial applications see our range of hard EVA foam sheets of 80kg/m3 density.

Enquire with us for other specialty hard EVA foam sheets, and for Cut-to-Size and custom EVA projects to suit your requirements.

See our pages for more information on Foam Sales' Closed Cell Foam products, and their respective Data Sheets.

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Neville W. (Adelaide CBD, AU)
Excellent Service

Not sure about mentioning names. So, thank you for for your help in processing my order Foam Sales. The EVA sheets arrived in a few days amid CV19 chaos which was a feat on its own. My appreciation and sincere thanks.

Your Review is appreciated - thank you Neville. SB

peter s. (Adelaide, AU)
Foam delivered on time and securely packed

Great service. My only suggestion is to provide delivery advice. The parcel arrived unexpectedly. I know Toll had a tracking problem (there was none) but that should have been covered by Foam somehow, even to tell me there was a problem and the date of dispatch.

Hello Peter, thank you for your Review, and for taking the time to send your feedback - we appreciate it. We should have advised you of the shipping date, and this is our normal policy. It looks like this was overlooked in your case. We apologise for this omission.
Regarding the Toll website being down, it is posing real problems for everyone as it also is impossible for us over this period (now some 3 weeks) to track deliveries.
We apologise again Peter for the problems, and we really do appreciate your patience and thoughtful response. Simon

Grant P. (Subiaco, AU)
Amazing Customer Service

These folks go above and beyond to make sure their customers are happy. We had a shipping issue (not their fault) and once Foam Sales were made aware, they rectified it themselves within hours! I'll be shopping here again.

George A. (Salisbury, AU)

EVA Foam - Sheets

Jackson F. (Adelaide, AU)

EVA Foam - Sheets