Mattress Elevator Bed Wedge

The Mattress Elevator Bed Wedge is a firm foam wedge designed to fit under the mattress. This wedge supports your mattress across its full width and length, providing stability for your chosen sleeping surface.

With a gentle incline of 4.6 degrees, this range of wedges is recommended for long-term use and is designed to relieve suffering from acid reflux, heartburn, snoring or breathing problems whilst sleeping.

Your choice of elevating wedge from this range will allow you to sleep on your chosen mattress surface and in your favourite positions as usual. Though made from a firm foam, it is also of suitable quality to be placed on top of the mattress and slept on directly for shorter periods if preferred. 

For ease of handling and flexibility of use the double, queen and king size wedges are supplied in 2 pieces. Each is available separately covered, or as raw foam only as shown. Covers are sewn in cotton or knitted mattress fabric as available. They are zipped and so are removable for washing as required.

Elevator Bed Wedge dimensions are shown here. Please note that the height at the high end of each is 180mm running down to 20mm at the foot end.

  • Narrow Single: 2000(L) x 760(W) x 180-20mm(H) 

  • Single: 2000(L) x 910(W) x 180-20mm(H)

  • King Single: 2000(L) x 1050(W) x 180-20mm(H) 

  • Double: 1900(L) x 1360(W) x 180-20mm(H) - supplied in two halves

  • Queen: 2000(L) x 1520(W) x 180-20mm(H) - supplied in two Narrow Single halves

  • King: 2000(L) x 1820(W) x 180-20mm(H) - supplied in two Single size halves

All of the above wedges have an angle of slope of 4.6 degrees. In situations where a steeper incline is required check our shorter and steeper Reflux Bed Wedge

These Mattress Elevator wedges will give many years of comfort and relief, and are fully guaranteed for one year.

For mattress elevators and reflux bed wedges made to your custom requirements contact us directly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Patricia C. (Sydney, AU)

Would be great if I had received it - I think you should talk to your courier company due 21/6 - fast loosing patience

Hi Patricia,
We're so sorry for the delay. Now that we are aware we will be chasing this up for you. We do realise sometimes it can be troublesome with courier customer service so we are happy to follow up your delivery for you. We will be in touch shortly to resolve this issue.
Foam Sales Team

Beverley D. (Sydney, AU)
Great Product

Extremely happy with Queen size covered under mattress bed wedge. Reflux has improved dramatically and continues to improve each day, as well as overall sleeping pattern. Well made product, well packed for delivery, very fast service considering it had to travel the width of Australia to arrive in around a week even in these troubled times. Thank you!

Thank you Beverley. We hope that you get many years of good service from our wedge. SB

Patricia A. (Hurstville, AU)
Stopped snoring!

I must admit I was a bit dubious, but my husband said that I have stopped snoring! So pleased!

Hi Patricia,
if you're pleased then we're pleased. Hopefully sleeping will be more peaceful.
Thanks for the review. GH

Anne H.
Mattress Elevator Bed Wedge

We have just received the 2 sets that we ordered. They were put in place yesterday & we are very pleased with them. One set was for a studio in town (we live an hour's drive out of town) where my husband slept last night. He had a good nights sleep & really felt comfortable with the elevation of the mattress. When I set up the other set in our caravan after already having a busy day in town, I promptly laid on the bed exhausted. It was so comfortable that I almost didn't bother getting back up to go into my house for dinner. Our main beds in our home are very comfortable twin adjustable beds. The mattress elevator wedges compare very favourably with our adjustable beds & are a far more affordable price. The elevation of the mattresses assist with management of our reflux & my COPD. This is an excellent product that I would definitely recommend.

Hi Anne,
you just can't underestimate the value of a good night's sleep. We are so pleased that you experienced such a dramatic change. Enjoy the new level of comfort. GH

Ron B. (Caddens, AU)
Mattress elevator bed wedge

Whilst I have only had this product a short time , my sleeping has improved so that I now sleep the whole night through, and my re-flux has settled down greatly. So, if you have these two problems I would fully recommend this product. Best thing I have bought this year, thank Foam Sales. Ron

Hey Ron,
It is wonderful to hear this product is working so well for you. Hope we are able to help you out again in the future.