Mattress Elevator Bed Wedge

The Mattress Elevator Bed Wedge is a firm foam wedge designed to fit under the mattress. This wedge supports your mattress across its full width and length, providing stability for your chosen sleeping surface.

With a gentle incline of 4.6 degrees, this range of wedges is recommended for long-term use and is designed to relieve suffering from acid reflux, heartburn, snoring or breathing problems whilst sleeping.

Your choice of elevating wedge from this range will allow you to sleep on your chosen mattress surface and in your favourite positions as usual. It is also of suitable premium quality to be placed on top of the mattress and slept on directly for shorter periods if preferred. 

For ease of handling and flexibility of use the double, queen and king size wedges are supplied in 2 pieces. Each is available separately covered, or as raw foam only as shown. Covers are sewn in cotton or knitted mattress fabric as available. They  are zipped and so are removable for washing as required.

For king single beds we recommend the single wedge, and for narrow single beds, there is a 760mm wide narrow single wedge available. 

  • Narrow Single: 2000(L) x 760(W) x 180-20mm(H) 

  • Single: 2000(L) x 910(W) x 180-20mm(H) 

  • Double: 1900(L) x 1360(W) x 180-20mm(H) - supplied in two halves

  • Queen: 2000(L) x 1520(W) x 180-20mm(H) - supplied in two Narrow Single halves

  • King: 2000(L) x 1820(W) x 180-20mm(H) - supplied in two Single size halves

All of the above wedges have an angle of slope of 5 degrees. In situations where a steeper incline is required check our shorter and steeper Reflux Bed Wedge or height-adjustable Premium Bed Wedge

These Mattress Elevator wedges will give many years of comfort and relief, and are fully guaranteed for one year.

For mattress elevators and reflux bed wedges made to your custom requirements contact us directly.

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Customer Reviews

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Foam arrived well packed but plastic postal cover was torn. Luckily the mattress and cover were not affected. The foam wedge has relieved symptoms of reflux and my husband sleeps better too.

mattress elevator bed wedge

I am happy with the product that i received. Its size and shape is exactly as advertised. I found the wedge softer than i expected and desired but that was easily fixed by buying a piece of masonite that i placed on top of the wedge to give the mattresses on top of the wedge the support that i needed for a comfortable bed.
Your shipping dept did not notify me that the order had to wait a few days because new wedges had to be cut, but when i asked online your employee took care of that promptly, letting me know what the delay was. I was told that the wedge was being shipped out but i received no notification of who the carrier was nor tracking info on the day of shipment. When i inquired a week later (which i admit i should have followed it up more quickly) i was promptly told what carrier it was and i was able to track it down and find out that it was sitting at the carrier's Western Australia terminal for a week without moving. But that part was not your responsibility. So, other than the delay in being advised of the shipping details, i am happy with the product and service i received.

Mattress Elevator Bed Wedge

It was a pleasure working with Foam Sales - great service and support: excellent communications, fast shipment and the product is great!

Great to hear the wedge is working for you Jan. Thank you kindly for your generous review. Simon