Reflux Bed Wedge

The reflux bed wedge is a foam wedge with a gentle incline, recommended for those suffering from reflux or breathing problems whilst sleeping. The foam wedge is of suitable quality to be slept on directly, or placed under the mattress if preferred. 

For king single beds we recommend the single wedge and for single beds, either the single or narrow single are suitable wedges. 

For ease of handling, flexibility of use, and efficiency of transport the double, queen and king sizes are supplied in 2 pieces as shown. All covered wedges come with velcro hook one side and loop the other side to enable the wedges to stay in place side by side in the double, queen and king size beds.

  • Narrow Single 1200(L) x 760(W) x 140-10mm(H) 

  • Single 1200(L) x 900(W) x 140-10mm(H) 

  • Double 1200(L) x 1350(W) x 140-10mm(H) - supplied in two halves

  • Queen 1200(L) x 1530(W) x 140-10mm(H) - supplied in two narrow single halves

  • King 1200(L) x 1800(W) x 140-10mm(H) - supplied in two single size halves

We also cut to size - request a custom bed wedge here.

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent product - meets needs & expectations

Bought this single bed sized bed wedge for my mother-in-law, who suffers from reflux and cannot use an electric bed (such as can fold up from the middle) due to spinal fusion - her whole body has to keep straight, so she had her bed propped up on bricks at the headboard end. But with the bricks, the bed was too high and she kept feeling like she was about to slide down the bed.
She is delighted with the bed wedge! It holds her at just the right angle of elevation and now the bed looks so much more 'normal'. Elevating the mattress itself at one end is also useful as makes it easier to lift it to change the sheets.
We are now looking at getting something similar for our own (king sized bed), as my wife and I both also suffer from reflux, and have been using 'pillow wedges' to date. My wife in particular now thinks a bed wedge will be a more comfortable solution.
Finally - thank you to the staff at Foam Sales, who were very helpful answering my eMail queries about the product and in clarifying freight costs.

Thank you John, we appreciate your considered and helpful reply.
Reflux bed wedge

Has met all expectations
Greatly effective