Reflux Bed Wedge

The reflux bed wedge is a foam wedge with a gentle incline, recommended for those suffering from reflux or breathing problems whilst sleeping. The foam wedge is of suitable premium quality to be slept on directly, or placed under the mattress if preferred. It will give many years of comfort and relief, and is fully guaranteed for one year.

This range of wedges is designed to elevate the upper body on a gentle angle (8 degrees), while still allowing for lying on one's side as required. 

For ease of handling, flexibility of use, and efficiency of transport the double, queen and king sizes are supplied in 2 pieces as shown. Covers are sewn from cotton or knitted bedding fabric as available. They are zipped and so are removable for washing as required.

For king single beds we recommend the single wedge and for single beds, either the single or narrow single are suitable wedges. 

  • Narrow Single: 1050(L) x 760(W) x 160-10mm(H) 

  • Single: 1050(L) x 900(W) x 160-10mm(H) 

  • Double: 1050(L) x 1360(W) x 160-10mm(H) - supplied in two halves

  • Queen: 1050(L) x 1520(W) x 160-10mm(H) - supplied in two Narrow Single halves

  • King: 1050(L) x 1800(W) x 160-10mm(H) - supplied in two Single size halves

All of the above wedges have an angle of slope of 8 degrees. In situations where a steeper incline is required check our Premium Bed Wedge which is also height-adjustable. Also see our mattress elevator / full length bed wedges.

For reflux wedges custom cut to your specifications contact us directly.

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Customer Reviews

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Very underwhelmed

It really is just a foam cut out. Theres nothing else to it. It's not particularly comfortable so dont recommend sleeping on it directly, otherwise you might as well not gave a mattress. I was expecting a lot more for the price. It also is a lot bigger than the pictures and I ended up having to chop the foam myself to make it fit my bed. Sure I could have sent it back but I dint want to pay another $25+ delivery fee.

Hello Fraser, We are sorry to hear that the bed wedge you bought was not what you hoped for. It is true that the wedge is made from foam, which does seem to us to be clear on the Product Page? If you were expecting 'a lot more' we would be happy to discuss what more you would have liked. As to the wedge being too big to fit your bed, is your bed smaller than the single size ordered? (We do make a narrow single wedge also shown on the Product Page). Recently one of our staff received a phone call from a customer whose wedge was higher than was comfortable for him. We proposed a few solutions, including cutting some foam from the high end. (Could this have been you Fraser?) We do also make custom bed wedges to customer requirements. We are sorry that you did not find the wedge to your liking Fraser. We really do hope that now with some of the foam cut off it that it is more comfortable, and fitting to your liking.
Great product

Bought these foam wedges to help with my reflux and they work perfectly.


Working well.

Nocturnal reflux

I placed the wedge foam underneath my mattress and although it took me a couple of nights to get used to the slant I am pleased to say that I have not had any nocturnal reflux which had literally made me wake in fright. My cough has also disappeared. And although I still take anti acid medication my sleep is so much more restful. Pillows just don’t cut it! I am very glad I took a chance and tried the wedge foam as it has certainly improved my quality of life.

Thanks for the feedback Bronwyn. We are very pleased to hear the wedge has worked for you. May this continue to be the case for as long as its use is necessary. Best wishes. Foam Sales Team
To short not full bed length

I should have checked the length. Delivery was fast thanks. However I sleep on my side and the length not going to the end of the bed is making my knees sore. I would recommend buying a wedge that goes the full lenght.

Hi Carlo, All is not lost ! If there was a specific size you had in mind we can supply the foam to size so that it will lay directly on top of your existing foam to create the suitable size wedge. If you were to place this under your mattress there would be no sliding as the foam grips very well to itself when under even minimal pressure. If you would like us to help you solve the issue please contact us via phone 08 9330 1199 or email to discuss the options. Nick @ Foam Sales Team