Reflux Bed Wedge

The reflux bed wedge is a foam wedge, recommended for those suffering from reflux or breathing problems whilst sleeping. The foam wedge is of suitable premium quality to be slept on directly, or placed under the mattress if preferred. 

This range of wedges is designed to elevate the upper body (on an angle of 8 degrees), while still allowing for lying on one's side as required. Please note that the height at the high end is 160mm and evenly slopes down to 10mm.

For ease of handling, flexibility of use, and efficiency of transport the double, queen and king sizes are supplied in 2 pieces as shown. Covers are sewn using  cotton or knitted bedding fabric as available. They are zipped and so are removable for washing as required.

For King Single beds we recommend the single wedge, and for Single beds, both  the single and narrow single wedges are suitable options. 

  • Narrow Single: 1025(L) x 760(W) x 160-10mm(H) 

  • Single: 1025(L) x 900(W) x 160-10mm(H) 

  • Double: 1025(L) x 1360(W) x 160-10mm(H) - supplied in two halves

  • Queen: 1025(L) x 1520(W) x 160-10mm(H) - supplied in two Narrow Single halves

  • King: 1025(L) x 1800(W) x 160-10mm(H) - supplied in two Single size halves

All of the above wedges have an angle of slope of 8 degrees. This can be a little too steep for some folks. Also see our less steep mattress elevator / full length bed wedges.

WARRANTY These Mattress Elevator wedges will give many years of comfort and relief, and are fully guaranteed for three years of regular use.

INSTRUCTIONS for use. All new foam gives off some smell when removed from its packaging. Wedges, overlays, and new mattresses all can be left in the open to air for a day or two if the new foam smell is noticeable or is likely to cause irritation. 

For reflux wedges custom cut to your specifications please contact us directly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
CathH (Canberra, AU)

Excellent product - has made a significant difference in managing GERD

Thank you Cath for your review. Wonderful result. RB

Irene (Brisbane, AU)
Don't buy the reflux wedge, buy the mattress elevator wedge

I wish foam sales had the mattress elevator wedge when I ordered my wedge not too long ago. The shorter version (reflux wedge) only lifts the top of the bed, which means you're sleeping in a bent position, which helps the reflux a bit, but is no good for your back and impossible to lie on your belly. I spend over $200 (incl. cover and shipping) for an item I can't use.

Hi Irene, what a shame that you didn't see the mattress elevator wedge before making your purchase. We have had mattress elevator wedges available on the site for the past few years (see link below). You are correct that the reflux wedge is a shorter product, designed to raise the torso so as to prevent reflux. If your reflux wedge is still in its packaging and unused we are more than happy to swap it out for you as a change of mind exchange. Please note that we cannot return used products unless they are faulty. RB.

h (Sydney, AU)
Reflux gone :)

I am so pleased that since sleeping on the pillow for the last 30 days I have not suffered reflux!!! I was getting reflux about once a week with extreme pain, but I am so happy it has not happened since using the pillow! The pillow is comfortable also, I bought 2 for the whole bed and am sleeping so well as I am someone who suffers with sleep disorders, so overall I am so so happy. I hope this helps you also as it has been a blessing for me.

What a great result! We're so happy to hear that a simple fix like this has transformed your sleep. Thank you for your review. RB

Harriet G. (Brisbane, AU)
Works well but...

Have had mine for nearly 12 months. It works brilliantly for reflux, and I no longer need medication every night. BUT I feel the 6" is too high for the top and you do slip down in the bed and have to keep climbing up during the night. It does make the bed look like a hospital bed, and is no good for the partner sleeping in a hollow on the other side of Ksize bed. I would dearly love to try a 4" or 5" but have searched the net and there just is no such thing. If only someone would make some so we could try them for our reflux problems. I went from bad nightly reflux to none with the 6", so it stand to reason I would like to come down off my high horse and try 4" or 5" and see if my reflux stays away and the above problems are alleviated. Why oh why won't someone make this lower wedge??

Joanne W. (Sydney, AU)
Not received product

Since I have not received my product, it is very difficult to leave feedback.