'Saviro' XPS Blue Board

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Uses of Saviro XPS Blue Board

Saviro XPS Blue Board is a rigid, thermal insulation board made from extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam. XPS boards are acknowledged globally to be one of the best value-for-money thermal insulations options available. By providing an effective and reliable thermal barrier against heat conduction Saviro XPS Blue Boards assist in creating a stable and comfortable living environment, while saving on energy costs and reducing contraction stresses, thus prolonging building life.

Saviro XPS boards are versatile in being useful in all areas of building construction. They are widely used to prevent thermal bridging around the perimeter, and under concrete slabs. They are suitable for use in moist and wet environments where absorbent products will suffer losses in thermal resistance. Saviro XPS Blue Boards do not rot or decay in wet conditions, and retain their dimensional stability.

As an insulation layer over the waterproof membrane on concrete roof tops, they moderate temperature fluctuations protecting both the membrane and the concrete, increasing their service life. 

Saviro XPS boards can be used for both internal and external wall insulation. They are a must-have item under heated floors, and under-slab in cool stores. They are ideal for under-roof insulation in housing, sheds and commercial buildings.

Foam Sales' Saviro XPS is also a market leader in Thermal Breaks and purlin roof spacers cut-to-size for steel roof structures in commercial buildings. Our Saviro XPS is a premium product for model making and craft uses as well. 

Properties include:

  • High compressive strength to weight ratio
  • Low thermal conductivity (high R rating)
  • Very low water absorption (<1%) 
  • Resistance to bacteria and micro-organism growth
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Treated with fire retardant
  • Economical - energy savings outweigh the cost
  • Eco friendly - high R value per unit embedded energy
  • CFC Free, and Zero Ozone Depletion
  • Easy to shape on site, or for model making with blade or hot wire
  • dust free


32-35kg density, with smooth skin and straight edges. 

Sheet Dimensions:

  • Medium 2500 x 600mm
  • Handy Sheet 1250x600mm

For more technical information see our Product Data Sheet.

Quantity rates available - please enquire for 100m2+. Other edges, densities, sizes and finishes are available on request.

All XPS Boards should be stored out of direct sunlight prior to installation.

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Shipping: Saviro XPS Blue Board can be shipped Australia-wide. Use the freight calculator above to find out your shipping cost. 

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Delivery was pretty quick, was able to start my project earlier then expected

Hi Maxwell, Delivering cross country is surprisingly efficient in most cases. We're at the mercy of the freight companies, but thankfully they get it right 95% of the time. We do resolve all freight issues, sometimes at a loss for ourselves. We are glad you're part of the 95%. Foam Sales Team

Hey you guys are awesome!!! Awesome help with the order and well packed and good price for both product and freight!!

Thanks Scott. We appreciate your feedback. Hope the project goes well.

'Saviro' XPS Blue Board


'Saviro' XPS Blue Board


Purchase arrived broken making it unuseable, will need to buy another when l can afford it but really unsure of it not arriving broken again as in pictures sent previously. Not blaming your company, but transporter Toll whom l had similar problems and when contacted they put the blame on seller packaging or buyer mishandling.