PE - Polyethylene Foam - Sheets

Foam Sales' Polyethylene Foam Sheets are of medium firmness suitable for most applications requiring this type of Closed Cell Foam. They come in sheet size 2420x1220mm in your choice of thickness. Product density is 30kg/m3.

The chemically cross linked and closed cell structure of PE foam makes it stable, impermeable to water and moisture-intrusion, to fungi, bacteria, and to air. Featuring high thermal resistance, it is light in weight, flexible and compressible, and has moderate to good recovery after long-term compression.

Polyethylene is an industrial foam used commercially, in construction, and also in industrial and domestic applications. PE's uses include impact absorption and protection, vibration dampening, load deflection, expansion joints in concrete, seals and gaskets, thermal and sound insulation, and marine buoyancy and flotation.

PE sheet is also used in spa covers, camping mats, sports and exercise mats, yoga blocks, boat fenders, and high impact, waterproof seating.

Polyethylene Sheet is competitive with rubber and vinyl in many applications. It can be moulded for use in sandals and shoes, gloves, helmets and sports products for comfort and protection.

    This grade of polyethylene is particularly well suited for use in Pelican Cases, and for the protection and safe storage of instruments and equipment in road cases. Foam Sales will custom cut your case inserts - enquire today

    For more information on PE products see our Information and Data Sheet pages.

    See our Polyethylene in 3mm, 5mm and 10mm rolls up to 100m long.

    For a larger selection of sheet thicknesses compare our range of EVA Foam Sheets. They are very similar in characteristics to PE sheets and generally can be used as an alternative.

    All Polyethylene Foam Sheets are 2.42m x 1.22m in size and of 30kg/m3 density.

    Shipping: Cost is a fixed $50 for shipping of any quantity of PE Sheets to Mainland State Capital City addresses. Please enquire for Shipping Cost to Regional and Remote Areas. 

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    PE - Polyethylene Foam - Sheets